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West African Biotope Plants


  1. African Biotype
    by "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <> (Tue, 13 Jun 1995)

African Biotype

by "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995

>From: Peter Konshak <>
>Subject: African biotype tank
>I'm thinking about using a spare tank to start up an African biotype 
>tank.  I've been trading in my cuttings and babies and have managed to 
>collect some Anubias, including A. nana, A. barteri, and A. lancelota (I 
>think).  I'm looking for suggestions on other sorts of plants to 
>include.  Some I have considered:
>Crinum thianum (Onion plant) - A high light plant?  Don't know much else.
>Bolbitis heudelotii - Looks nice, but I've never seen it in stores or on 
>                      price lists.
>Nymphaea lotus - Tiger lilly.

The only addition I can think of is Ammania and Nessaea (sp?) which
may be hard to find.  By the way, Crinum thaianum is Asian, Crinun
Natans is African.  C. thaianun has straight leaves, C. natans is

If you are "flexible", you could add the plants that are not just
limited to Africa - Watersprite, Hornwort and Hairgrass for instance.
If you want to include Madagascar (although it is ecologically
isolated) you can choose from a whole bunch of Aponogetons.

- -Shaji

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