Krib Funding

I graciously thank the users of the Krib, who in our time of need forked over $700 in donations to purchase the disk drive for its new home. Also, thanks to Caltech for allowing us to keep the disk on their campus machines, and to Dustin Laurence for ``sponsoring'' the move.

Donors (in the order we got their checks, not anything silly like amount): Gerald Lee Mandell, David Wheeler, Jim Hurley, Andreas I Moshovos, John B Oxton, Hardjono Harjadi, Bruce Clarke, Jerry W. Johnson, Carl W. Spik, Davin Milun, Dan Resler, Thomas Fredericks, George and Karla Booth, Anne Hull Seales, Dale A. Bonar, Glen W. Osterhout, Roger Crowther, Aquatic Gardeners Association, Todd M. Zebert, John A Raithel, Mark A. Rosenstein, Larry D. Waldroup, Christopher Newell, Peter Konshak, Hoa G Nguyen, Mark Harmon, Wilson Angerson, Craig Bingman, Liisa Sarakontu, Ted Fidder, Benjamin P. Eisenbaun, Chris Rocca, Gregory D'Hondt, Dwayne A. Bailey, James S Koga, Krystian Skrobot, Jeff Pfohl, W. Keith Brummett, Charles H. Ray, Jr.