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Apistogramma sp. "Miua"


  1. A. sp. Rotkeil & A. sp. Miua
    by Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise/> (Fri, 19 Nov 1999)

A. sp. Rotkeil & A. sp. Miua

by Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise/>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999
To: apisto/

OK, Gary, I'll try. A. sp. Miua is an elongate species, similar in shape to A.
pertensis. The photos I have show the males with a moderately broad lateral band
& a second slightly narrower band running parallel to it about a scale's width
below. In this respect it is very reminiscent of A. diplotaenia. A third, much
narrower and less distinct, abdominal stripe runs below the other two. The cheek
stripe is broad, like in most agassizii-like species. The dorsal fin is
moderately high, with a slightly serrated top. The dorsal and anal fins are
pointed but not highly extended. They reach only 1/2 the caudal fin length. In
this respect it resembles A. mendezi. The dorsal fins is a bluish gray with a
burgundy red edge. The tail is round (actually a vertical oval) shape, like A.
nijsseni's. It is crossed by 5-6 broad burgundy red semi-circular bands with
light interstitial areas of the same width. At the root of the caudal fin is a
double blotch of the same color. The anal fins appears to have the same
alternating burgundy & light stripe pattern. The ventral fins are moderately long
(to 1/2 the anal fin base) with short thread-like extensions.

The females look a lot like females of A. mendezi except that the lower band is
more distinct, as are the bands in the caudal fin.

They appear to be most closely related to A. mendezi. A. sp. Miua should become
(relatively) more available. I learned that other suppliers are getting the fish
in, too. I have no idea how much it will cost, but imagine it will be similar to
A. diplotaenia or A. mendezi.

Mike Wise

Frauley/Elson wrote:

> Mike & Diane Wise wrote:
> >
> > On another note I just learned that Mimbon
> > Aquarium (Frankfurt, Germany) has just received
> > some A. sp. Miua. This is a spectacular fish for
> > those who can afford them.
> Can you give us some idea of what sp Miua looks like? I'm very curious.
> Gary
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