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The Krib: Aquaria and Tropical Fish

This site contains information about tropical fish aquariums, including archived usenet postings and e-mail discussions, along with new articles and photographs designed specifically for the web. The specialty here is freshwater aquatic plants and dwarf cichlids, but you may find information on a variety of subjects.

We are the oldest living aquarium web site, having been around since January 1994. If this is your first time, you may wish to look at the detailed subject index. It will help you get an idea of where to find things here. Don't be fooled by the simple front page... there are over 38 megabytes of information stored here!

What's New?

Nothing! I don't really update the site. But for old old updates, see Change Summary for a detailed day-by-day description of new and changed pages.

What's in a Name?

If you're interested, here's some background on this site, its history, name, etc. I also maintain a couple related sites you may also enjoy: the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society pages, which features an archive of our locally-grown articles and photos; the Aquatic Gardeners Association, dedicated to the keeping of aquatic plants in the aquarium and pond; and also the FAQ (see below).

Additional Resources...

The Aquaria FAQ (Originally written for the newsgroups rec.aquaria.*) is an excellent starting point for learning about the aquarium hobby. Look for hooks into specific parts of the FAQs where you see the FAQ logo.
Some smaller and detailed sites web sites are found in the subject index under Organizations, and where appropriate to a topic on other pages (look for the [LINK] logo).

The fine print:

Articles, images and photos are copyrighted by their respective authors. Many texts are public-domain Usenet postings, but in general, please ask (e-mail) the authors before redistributing. All e-mail addresses here have the @ (at) sign replaced by a / (slash) as or the word "-at-", a spam preventative. You will have to manually type the address in to e-mail the person. I hate spam, and hate the idea of it being sent to someone because they once wrote an article here.

Erik Olson