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Apistogramma piauiensis


  1. A. pand. & D. filament.
    by Michael_F._Jacobs/ (Michael F. Jacobs) (Tue, 21 Jan 1997)
  2. Apisto Piauensis
    by "Helen Burns" <helen.burns/> (Mon, 27 Mar 2000)

female with fry

Photos by Helen Burns


Crappy video snaps by Erik Olson

A. pand. & D. filament.

by Michael_F._Jacobs/ (Michael F. Jacobs)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997
To: wrisch/

Lisa.......I have A. piauiensis and it is difficult to sex by normal apisto methods. The black on the ventral fins is NOT an of the few I know of. There is a definite rounding of the dorsal and anal fins on the female and so obviously the pointing of those fins in the male.....classic cichlids. My male is about 1 1/2 -2=22 and the female is maybe 1 1/4 22 and the finnage is OBVIOUSLY different.

What other apisto's have you been 'lucky' with?


Apisto Piauensis

by "Helen Burns" <helen.burns/>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
To: <apisto/>

I got this species last year.  Easy species, breed like rabbits.  My pair,
in a species tank had 3 week old fry in the tank when they spawned again.  I
had to remove the fry to another tank as neither the off the pair tolerated
the fry.  I found it was the female who solely cared for the free swimming
fry while the male stayed out of the way.  He never caused any bother and
the female never bothered him.
Tank: 18"x18"x8" tall, sand substrate, small clay pots, floating plants,
sponge filtration and pH6. - 6.5.
> Now could someone give me more info or experiences on Apisto Piauensis?
> My trio is strarting to really grow now and one of the females is
> starting to become a bit yellow, hopefully this is a good sign.   Anyone
> who has worked with these guys and could give me some insights would be
> appreciated.
> John Wubbolt

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