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Apistogramma sp. "Rio Xingu"


  1. Rio Xingo
    by Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise/> (Sun, 19 Mar 2000)

Rio Xingo

by Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise/>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000
To: apisto/


The Xingu is the easternmost major tributary of the Amazon entering from the
south. The Tocantins if farther east & considered by some to be a tributary of
the Amazon, but is actually a tributary of the Rio Pará. As Pete reported
previously, it is a white water stream. Stawikowski recorded the following
conditions for the Xingu near Altamira in September 1988 (low water): pH 6.5, 1º
dGH, 1º dKH, e.c. 120µS/cm @ 32ºC (90ºF). Lacerda measured the Xingu in about the
same location in March 1996 (high water) as follows: pH 6.7 - 6.9, e.c. ~20µS/cm.
The water temperature was cooler, probably around 80ºF. The upper Xingu was
studied by Lowe-McConnell (this is the paper Pete mentions) and she reports
similar hardness & conductivity values. The pH was considerably lower, pH
5.0-5.1, but this wasn't in the main channel.

The following apistos are known from the Rio Xingu: A. agassizii & A. taeniata
from the mouth; A. sp. Red-tail Rio Xingu (=Blauspiegel/Blue-spangle), A. sp.
Xingu (Stawikowski) (=Xingu Red-lobes), A. sp. Xingu (Chao 93-107) (=Chao) from
the lower/middle Xingu around Altamira. No apistos are known from the upper Xingu
(yet), but I wouldn't be surprised to find some there, probably caetei-complex
species similar to A. sp. Crixas & Araguaia Red-face of the nearby Rio Araguaia.

I imagine that the species you have is A. sp. Xingu (Red-lobes) since this is the
only Xingu species that is commonly found in the hobby. You should be able to
breed it in soft, slightly acid water without much difficulty.

Hope this helps,

Mike Wise

Fbethea wrote:

> Can anyone tell me where in South America is the Rio Xingo?  Which  apistos
> are found there?  What is the river like, i.e. blackwater, whitewater,
> still, or fast flowing?  I would like to get more background on where the
> fish I keep come from.  Are there recources out there to find this info
> without actually going there?
> Francine in MD, USA
> Fish - photography - genealogy
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