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Hemichromis sp. (Jewel Cichlids)


  1. RE: Tankmate selection for Hemichromis bimaculatus
    by "Stepanova, Lilia" <Lilia.Stepanova/> (Sat, 4 Nov 2000)
  2. Tankmate selection for Hemichromis bimaculatus
    by BigJohnW/ (John Wubbolt) (Sat, 4 Nov 2000)

RE: Tankmate selection for Hemichromis bimaculatus

by "Stepanova, Lilia" <Lilia.Stepanova/>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000
To: "'Sarah LeGates '" <slegates/>,

List of suitable tankmates for spawning Hemichromis bimaculatus:


May be a turtle. They (h. bimaculatus) will kill anyone. If you are
concerned with waste of space for a single pair, you can move them in 20-26
gallon, they will do just fine.

Do not concern yourself with the number of surviving fries - they will take
care of themselves. Moreover, then they will grow too big, parents will
think of them as a treat for the next batch fries... It will help as well.
The only lfs that would take them from me was the one concerned with keeping
me their fish supplier... I moved since, and do not have h.bimaculatus
anymore because I hate to see fish that no one wants except me multiply as
they do. If you like hemichromises (I do), try H.elongatus - care is the
same and lfs are more happy to have them. I have some fries of them, BTW. 



Tankmate selection for Hemichromis bimaculatus

by BigJohnW/ (John Wubbolt)
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000
To: apisto/

Hello Sarah

Everyone seems to be of the opinion that all Hemichromis species are
nasty little buggers.  Well , like you, I really like this family of
cichlids. I've spawned 3 different species and am raising some of
Lilia's H. Elongatus out.   They are fast growing and neat fish.   

I have successfully spawned H. Lifalili, H. Guttatus and H. Bimaculatus.
All 3 species i started off in large community tanks until they paired
off.   My Guttatus would regularly spawn and get fry to free swimming
stage in a 55 gallon community tank until i could siphon off what fry i
wanted to raise out.   With lots of rock work, flower pots, plants and
open space, they didnt kill anyone in that tank.   In this tank , i also
had some Tetras ( Rummy noses and lemons), corys and a couple of other
I had a pair of kribs in there too!    This was the same for the othe
two species I have spawned.

Once i had established pairs i moved them to species tanks only, then
they could raise their fry up.   And this was only if i wanted a large
clutch of fry, otherwise i would only raise out a dozen or so fry from a
batch that i had siphoned out of that tank.

The neatest fish i had in with these guys ( neat to me anyways ) was
about a half dozen Banjo Cats I was growing up with some future
intention of trying to spawn them.   The Cats never bothered the pairs,
even when they had fry.

Hope this helps you out some, and good luck with your fry.   I got to
the point where i didnt even bring them to LFS anymore, I'd give them
away or trade them or bring them into local aquarium society meetings.
Heck i even gave them away free online one year to who ever asked!


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