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Collecting Apistos


  1. Tom's exploration
    by "Francis Brian O'Carroll" (Frank) <ocarroll/> (Tue, 04 Feb 1997)
  2. Collecting Apistos in Peru
    by twilk/ (Sat, 14 Feb 1998)

Tom's exploration

by "Francis Brian O'Carroll" (Frank) <ocarroll/>
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997
To: apisto/

>I have made two collecting trips
>to Peru and brought back A. nijsseni, norberti, agassizi, bitaeniata,
>eunotus, cacatoides, and Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis.

Wow! I collected all of the above in Peru minus the nijsseni and norberti.
Which parts of Peru did you collect in? Up or down river from Iquitos?
Tell us more!

>If anyone knows of a collecting trip for this summer or a scource for T-Bars
>please let me know.

Margarita tours runs trips often but you have already collected more species
of apistos than we have found there so far. I have been near the type
locality (i believe) of cruzi but we didn't find any in our brief stop.
I got 5 (all female, drat) Apistogrammoides last year, they were
rare in that location compared to the eunotus, cacatuoides and agassizi bunch.

Frank O'Carroll, Tokyo

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Collecting Apistos in Peru

by twilk/
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998
To: apisto/

I have been to Peru several times collecting Apistoes.  My advise would be
to find a guide who can speak the dialect used in the area around Iquitos.
Although going in a river boat west of Iquitos will get you near collecting
sites for A. eunotus, nijsseni, agassizi, cacatoides, and Apistogammoides,
there is good collecting around Iquitos itself.
You will need a pole net that is very sturdy.  The ones that you can get in
sporting good stores are inadequate.  Also if you can get a hold of one of
the square German hand nets, these are terrific.  You will need alot of
shallow plastic basins to keep your fish in.  Because of the heat, the fish
are very sensitive and will not survive in deep basins.  Alot of these fish
come from rather cool water compared to the ambient temp.  
Swimsuits and t-shirts are adequate to collect in.  You will need foot ware.
I use "reef walkers" but the thick mud tends to suck these off.  They worked
very well in the Morichales of Venezuela.  Don't try high topped boots.
Bring bug repellent, this will also remove leeches if you collect in
Apistogrammoides territory.  Water testing meters are nice if interested in
keeping collection records.  Thermometer and GPS also good.
Bring extra money.  I have always had to bribe the soldiers at the airport
to let me get the fish out of the country.
Also, do not plan to stay very long. One week is about right.  Fish deaths
rapidly increase the longer the stay.

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