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Friends Fry Free: When is a Fry Free?


  1. L. curviceps spawn
    by Ken Laidlaw <kl/> (Tue, 8 Jul 1997)

L. curviceps spawn

by Ken Laidlaw <kl/>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997
To: "'apisto/'" <apisto/>

When the fry jump and wriggle this is not considered the free swimming
phase.  Only when they can swim around and maintain their position in the
water are they free swimming.  This usually takes 4/5 days after hatching.
If the water is warmer this may happen slightly quicker.

As to the female chasing the male it may be that she sees herslf as the
only one capable of looking after the brood and just over protective. It
is a good thing that the male retreated otherwise you may have had deaths
not just a battered husband.  Next spawning they may work better as a

Good luck,

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