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Regional Variants in Apistogramma?


  1. Gary's weird pandurini
    by Elson/Frauley <fraulels/> (Sat, 22 Mar 1997)
  2. Thoughts on SMP
    by Jota Melgar <jsmelgar/> (Tue, 19 May 1998)

Gary's weird pandurini

by Elson/Frauley <fraulels/>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997
To: "apisto/" <apisto/>

Hello all,
	I've been e-mailing with Thomas Mroz, who has seen the same variation between 
shipments of 'pandurini' (whew, it's not just me!). I like the cichlid-l idea, although 
past attempts to sub haven't worked for me. I'll try again. but I'd also like to 
reformulate what was bugging me when I posted the "naming" question.
	In the apisto hobby, we've begun to "tag" our fish (ie agassizii Rio Tefe) and I 
think that's a healthy development. As a killie and West African dwarf cichlid type, I 
carefully maintain my populations separate, but I've noticed a lot of apisto people I've 
met are more cavalier about this. I haven't met the people on this list, but I'm 
impressed by the approaches I keep reading. I think we should consider tagging our 
apistos when we can. We get our fish though commercial importations, which complicates 
things, but it doesn't make things impossible. When I look at the pandurini complex, or 
njisseni complex, however it lands, I think I'm seeing something that reminds me of my 
beloved Pelvicachromis taeniatus complex. When I know I have at least a different morph, 
if not a species, then I would want a generally recognized way of signalling this 
difference, consistently, to any serious apisto hobbyist i give the fish to. It doesn't 
take long to make an aquarium form of a fish that was just fine in its ancient, 
fascinating wild form.
	 No exporter will give a trustworthy location, for business reasons, but maybe 
we could have a number/letter system we all respect, for the new and weird, at least to 
differentiate between different importations. It has to start somewhere.
	If this is off the wall, just tell me, but it does seem possible. After all, 
what intrigues you more, P. taeniatus Cross River or P. taeniatus Gary's basement?
	Gary (Montreal)

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Thoughts on SMP

by Jota Melgar <jsmelgar/>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998
To: "INTERNET:apisto/" <apisto/>

Bob wrote:

>Further, some definitions are probably a good idea.  For example, "Color-
>morph".  We pretty much all understand this concept.  Is it the same as a
>"population", as is often used when discussing killies?  Or would a group
>fish in someone's tank need to be identified by geographical location of
>original fish's collection site?

Glad you brought this up. Color morph and population are not the same
thing. I'll use an example to make matters more understandable. Take two
red tailed Aggies, one from the Rio Madeira (Brazil) and another from
Jenaro Herrera (Peru), both can be grouped under the same color morph (red
tailed) but they belong to two different populations (Rio Madeira and J.
Herrera). For our purpose, if we can register a population with certainty,
great. If not, we'll go to the next best thing, color morphs. Finally, if
we are uncertain of color morphs, then we can then just use species.

Come on folks, participate. All you have to do is breed your favorite fish
for a while.


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