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  1. Entering apistos at the ACA
    by Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise/> (Wed, 13 Jun 2001)

Entering apistos at the ACA

by Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise/>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001
To: apisto/


It's been a long time since I entered anything in the show, but it's fairly
simple.  The Jersey people will have 10 gallon tanks set up with
dechlorinated water and a sponge filter.  All you really have to do is put
your fish in.  You might want to consider bringing your own aged sponge
filter since I don't know if the ones supplied will have been cultured.  I'd
recommend a small round type like those made by Jungle.  There are few places
to hide.  You might also want to bring your water chemistry set and some
additives, especially if you are bringing blackwater species.  I don't know
what the water will be like in Parsippany (soft or hard) but you might make
your fish more comfortable if you bring some of its own water.  I'd also
suggest putting it in the show as soon as possible.  Plants and other hiding
places aren't permitted in the judged tanks, so the longer your fish are
exposed to life without hiding places the more normal they will act.  You
might even want to keep them in such tanks at home for a few weeks before the
convention.  Put these tanks in a area where there is a lot of foot traffic
so the fish get used to people walking by.  I have judged a couple of ACA
conventions and can guarantee you that fish that show themselves get better
scores than those that have to be coaxed into the open.  When this happens
they usually have their fright colors; not very pretty.  I've even suggested
feeding fish at home while carrying a clipboard.  Sometimes the fish will
associate the clipboard with food and come to the front of the tank.  This
does wonders for the "Deportment" part of the judging.

To summarize, get you fish acclimated to bare tanks and traffic at home.
Bring some water with you if possible.  Bring pH & hardness test kits, plus a
chemical water softener and blackwater conditioner if necessary.  Of course
you'll need nets, siphon hoses, towels (very important), a water changing
bucket or 2.  Oh, don't feed the fish until for the 4 days you're at the
convention. Often a hungry fish will be more willing to be out looking for
something to eat.  A 4 day fast won't hurt them too much.

I'll look forward to seeing you there.  I'll be the idiot wearing the
Colorado Avalanche NHL Stanley Cup champions T-shirt (or would that be too

Mike Wise

FBethea wrote:

> The idea of entering fish at the ACA has crossed my
> mind.  However, since this will be my first experience
> I find myself clueless as to what this will involve.
> Will those with experience at showing Apistos inform
> me of what I should take and how I should prepare for
> this venture?
> Thank you,
> Francine
> PS-Mike, I put your box in the mail today.
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