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Apisto Prices in Tokyo


  1. Tokyo Apisto Prices
    by "Francis Brian O'Carroll" <ocarroll/> (Sat, 01 Feb 1997)
  2. Hello!
    by "William Wang" <bearw/> (Wed, 28 Oct 1998)

Tokyo Apisto Prices

by "Francis Brian O'Carroll" <ocarroll/>
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997
To: apisto/

Armed with the a printout of the list of 50 apisto species
I got from the http's mentioned a few days ago, I headed off
to one of my local favorite stores to check out what they have.
Note that deciphering the katakana script is hard enough for
latin names, the varieties may be hoplessly garbled.
Seems like a pretty good selection though. Comments?

Visit to "Aoyama Suizokukan" Feb 1, 1997
Location: Basement of 3-5-11 Kita Aoyama, Tokyo
Down lane of rte 246 near Omote-sando subway station,
away from shibuya direction,
between Mitsubishi gas station and wendy's, on left
Prices are in Yen, currently 120 yen = $US 1.00

borelli             -  7800/pr "opal red mask"
"alenquer"          -  8900/pr
cacatuoides  - wild -  5900/pr
gibbiceps           -  1200/ea
juruensis           - 25000/trio
meinkeni - santarem - 12800/pr (pair doubtful)
mendezi             - 28000/trio
pulchra             - 25000/trio
"regani sp"         -   500/ea (2000/4) - born & raised in shop
rupununi            - 15800/pr
trifasciata         -  1800/ea - wild
trifasciata         -  7800/pr "matto grosso"
"pandurini"         -  4900/pr - wild
A. "beitbeinden"    -  6500/pr
A. "acaricashoweru" -  4800/pr ** what is this? - frank ***
A. "mamore"         -  6900/?
A.    pucallpaensis - 15800/pr (Apistogrammoides)
german rams         -  3500/pr
dutch rams          -  2800/pr
Adult Pt. altum     - 29800/ea

PS they have killies there too but I don't pay much attention.

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by "William Wang" <bearw/>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998
To: <apisto/>

Thanks for your reply!

>I have the reference library for the Apistogramma Study Group (ASG).
>Actually, it is my reference library, but I do provide copies for ASG
>members. I have all of the original descriptions for all of the
>scientifically described species. I also have articles about many of the
>scientifically undescribed species, too. Which Zoologica Scripta article
>were you looking for? Kullander wrote the original descriptions for A.
>macmasteri, A. viejita, A. hongsloi, & A. iniridae; A. inconspicua; and
>A. diplotaenia in this journal.

I have visited the ASG website, would it possible for me to join the Group?
I would like to  have the copies of all the scientifically papers.Can you
it to me? I will pay you first.

I visited a dealer yesterday, he said he is going to import A. diplotaenia
week. Guess how much is it for a piar? He told me he want ot sell U.S 1100
for a pair. SO EXPENSIVE. What is the price there in U.S.A.

The rare fish here in Taiwan are
(ALL in US dollar)
A. elizabethae   $400  /pair
A. diplotaenia $ 1100 /pair ..never seen a LIVE one!
A. mendezi $100  /each
D. sp "TAPAJOS"  $600 / pair ..
.......I have only seen this once!!        How do you pronounce the word "
Tapajos" ?
A. pulchra $180 / pair
A. agassizii "Tefe" $180 /pair ..
........ This year, they imported TEFE II from Germeny. What is this fish.
Itlooks like they use the wrong  female mate with Tefemale , the offspring
lost the zigzag character .

Some of the West Africa Dwarf Cichlid are also expensive.

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