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UV Sterilization


  1. UV sterilizer
    by "Max Gallade" <mgallade/> (Wed, 18 Apr 2001)

UV sterilizer

by "Max Gallade" <mgallade/>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001
To: apisto/

I remember a thread on a Discus forum about UV sterilizers.I think the main 
setback people mentioned is that a lot of beneficiary micro organisms that 
Discus /fish need being killed as well.If you do your waterchanges(WC) and 
tank maintenance  you should be fine without a UV system.By keeping discus I 
really learned about the benefits of regular WC.
It's amazing how fish respond to at least twice a week WC.
Sorry for just throwing that in here.I should try to find the discussion
again.It was pretty interesting.

>From: Mike & Diane Wise <>
>Subject: Re: UV sterilizer
>Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 08:39:13 -0600
>I see nothing wrong with using a UV system. The main reason you don't see 
>them used a lot on freshwater tanks is their expense. UV bulbs need to be 
>regularly replaced - every 3 - 6 months. After that, they aren't really 
>effective. In general,
>freshwater fish are more adaptable to water chemistry than marine fish. 
>Because of this they tend to be less stressed by less-than-optimal water 
>conditions. It is virtually impossible to keep a small volume of marine 
>water in this condition, so
>marine fish tend to be more susceptible to diseases in our aquaria. UV 
>sterilization helps reduce the number of pathogens in the water. Thus less 
>likelihood of catching something.
>UV sterilizers will kill anything that flows through the housing that 
>carries the UV bulb. Since the bacteria running your biological filter 
>doesn't float in the tank, it is safe.
>Mike Wise
>Matthew Diller wrote:
> > Dear list,
> >
> > Yesterday, I picked up a UV sterilizer from a LFS that was moving and is 
>heavily discounting stray items.  Do people use these on dwarf chiclid 
>tanks? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to doing so?  Will it hurt 
>the biological filtration?
> >
> > I noticed that the Krib has no discussion of UV at all.  Maybe that's a 
> >
> > I I were to use it, could I hook it into the outflow from my fluval 
> >
> > The unit I picked up is made by Angstrom and is only 4 watts.  It hangs 
>on the back of the tank and pours water back in like a filter mounted on 
>the back of a tank.  It was only $10, so I have no great investment in it.
> >
> > Matt Diller
> >
> >
> > 
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