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  1. RE: Disease/ Treatment Books
    by ferarog/ (Mon, 15 Feb 1993)
  2. [M] Question on aquisition of fish.
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RE: Disease/ Treatment Books

by ferarog/
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

   The best fish disease book, IMHO, is a fishery and vet text book
   called FISH MEDICINE, by Michael K. Stoskopf, DVM, Ph.d,
   1993, W.B. Saunders Company (pubs).

The book gives detailed discriptions of diseases and treatments.
It also gives a good discription of fish biology (although a queen trigger
is incorrectly labeled a clown trigger on page 613, a VERY small
quibble but its been bugging me for 6 months, I feel better now.)
In any case it will probibly give you more info then you want
and isn't for the timid or for biophobics.  

Warning the book cost me a hundred bucks, but you might find it
for less.  Also the book contains sections on salmon, temperate fish,
freash water and salt tropicals.  Most of us are probibly
only interested in the saltwater tropicals and I've
seen a copy of the book only containing this portion. 
(the guy who has it said it went for 30 bucks, but haven't seen it for sale).

I've never regreted buying this book, it's 900 pages of excitement
and isn't so technical you can't understand it.
Sorry though no flow charts that I can see.

      Look in the science library nearest you:

From: (Name withheld by request)
Date: 25 Mar 1993 12:19:46 -0800

[M] Question on aquisition of fish.

Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

>>> retailer's word; they may even believe that their fish are clean, but
>>> assuredly they are only taking the wholesaler's word for it.
>>Some go as far as sacrificing one fish per shipment.  The fish
>>is dissected and examined for any signs of cyanide poisoning.
>Anyone know what to look for?  Is it within the ability of a hobbyist
>and what equipment eg microscope is needed?

As I've mentioned before, Robert T. Clifton's book, "Marine Fish,
The Recognition & Treatment of Diseases", has a wonderful chapter
on pathology and laboratory techniques inlcuding what equipment you
need and what to look for on a dozen different common ailments
including cyanide poisoning.
LOC 87-090469 ISBN 0-9618625-5-6.

No, I'm not paid for these endorsements or connected in any way.
I just really find the book useful - constantly.

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