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  1. Pop Eye/Dropsy; Pop Eye
    by "Maladorno, Dionigi {DRUG~Nutley}" <DIONIGI.MALADORNO/> (Thu, 28 Jan 1999)

Pop Eye/Dropsy; Pop Eye

by "Maladorno, Dionigi {DRUG~Nutley}" <DIONIGI.MALADORNO/>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999
To: "'Apistogramma List'" <apisto/>

 "Phil Eaton" <> wrote: <<<<: Pop Eye/Dropsy
I am seeing a problem described to me as "Dropsy".  Is this also a 
bacterial problem related to Popeye?(..)>>>>>

"Dropsy" occurs when the fish is bloated due to accumulation
of fluid in the abdominal cavity. It may be due to many different
reasons, infective or not (cancer, problems with certain organs.
etc.). It is rarely curable. 
I would try a treatment just with good water changes,
and with a tablespoon of Epsom Salts each 10 gal, which should
give a small help to the fish to eliminate the excess fluid. Do not
keep your hopes high, though.

Geo/Len <> wrote: <<<<<Pop Eye
> I have check the water quality, it `s fine.There is swelling around the
> There is some type of skin infections  near the fishes eye.>>>>>

You can give a try with Furanace used as directed on the package
in case there is a deep bacterial infection. In this case however
the fish should look quite in distress.
If the fish overall behaves normally, it could be a parasite, or cancer.
So, try the antibiotic, and then re-assess the situation.
Good luck

Dionigi Maladorno
This message presents personal opinions which are not necessarily those
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