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  1. Fish Medications
    by Michael D Nielsen <mnielsen/U.Arizona.EDU> (Sun, 22 Nov 1998)

Fish Medications

by Michael D Nielsen <mnielsen/U.Arizona.EDU>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998

I am very behind in reading the digest, but I had a problem with fish TB
and was successful in treating it.

Conventional add to water medications will not affect TB because it is an
internal problem and as we know freshwater fish rarely take water into
their bodies.  The problem becomes how to get an anti biotic into their

If the fish is still eating using a flake food with anti bacterial
medication in it will work.  I am only aware of Tetra having this product.
Alternately you could soak food in eurthomycin (sp?).

I had a large anglefish which had TB and was severly bloating.  My
girlfriend works at a vet clinic and so she got some eurthomycin and
injected the fish with it.  The fish compeltely recovered and has been
with us for about 6 months or more and is doing well.

The injection will work for larger fish which you can hold and is probably
better than using anti biotic food.

If you have any more questions let me know and I can try and find out
more, but this is a case where while difficult to cure it is possible.
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