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  1. sick fish
    by "Maladorno, Dionigi {DRUG~Nutley}" <DIONIGI.MALADORNO/> (Fri, 30 Oct 1998)

sick fish

by "Maladorno, Dionigi {DRUG~Nutley}" <DIONIGI.MALADORNO/>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998
To: "'apisto/'" <apisto/> wrote: <<<<
Subject: sick fish
one of my males has a patch in the middle of his body, next to his
about 1/3 inch square, that has no scales. It seems to be increasing in
There is no fungus there, nor is it bleeding, he is still displaying to
female but has given up eating. does anyone have any suggestions on what
might be and how to treat it?>>>>>>>

Sorry for responding so late. In the best case this is due to
some sort of trauma, and 1 tbsp of salt each 10 gallons
should help healing the lesion.
This lesion might however be due to some slowly progressing
bacterial infections (of which the worst would be TB). Mild and
superficial ones would still benefit from the salt treatment, while
more serious ones are often impossible to treat successfully.
So, go on with the salt, and if you see no improvement, consider
to euthanize the fish if it appears to be suffering too much.
Also,  just in case, not to dip your hands in the tank, 
since some bacterial diseases are rarely contagious to people

Dionigi Maladorno
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