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  1. Tanks and Filters
    by (Paul A Prior) (Sat, 8 Aug 1992)
  2. Cannister Filters : Fluval vs. Eheim?
    by pprior/ (Paul A Prior) (15 Apr 92)
  3. Canister filters: Magnum 330
    by rclark/ (Richard Clark) (15 May 92)
  4. Your first power filter ? - READ THIS!
    by enenkel/ (Robert Frederick Enenkel) (22 May 92)
  5. Magnum HOT's are broken if they are noisy! (fix)
    by jab/ (Alan Barrow) (17 Dec 1993)

Tanks and Filters

by (Paul A Prior)
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1992

In article <> (Craig MacFarlane) writes:
>>I have a fluval 403 cannister and it filter 100 gal/hour.  I find that with
>>a tank that size who needs one that hangs from the back?  It's much better
>>and quieter.  Mine is beside my bed and I can't hear it at all.
>>With the Fluval you can buy the chemi-pure carbon and leave it in for three
>>months.  When you change it,  you can wash the sponge out too.
>>Don't get me wrong,  I like the AquaClear.  It is ok.  It is also cheaper.
>>Good Luck!!!
>Could somebody please advise what the best filter media is to put inside
>the cannister filters like Fluval?  I am trying to develop a plant aquarium
>and have read that an UGF is destrimental because they upset the roots.
>Therefore all of my biological filtration must be handled by the cannister
I ripped out 1/2 of my UGF in my 55 gal plant tank to see the effects on 
plant (mostly sword) growth...I haven't noticed any huge changes.

In my fluval 403 I have (bottom to top) 2 packages of ceramic noodles, 
effimech (coarse nylon string from eheim), effifein (fine white string
from eheim), then pantihose filled with peat (bought at K-mart) which
is occasionally changed to carbon, and the top container is the 403 sponge.

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Cannister Filters : Fluval vs. Eheim?

by pprior/ (Paul A Prior)
Date: 15 Apr 92
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

In article <> writes:
>Can anyone who has either one of these brands of cannister filters give a  
>recommendation about which one to buy? It seems like the Fluvals are the  
>better deal, being a little less expensive and already pre-packed.

Ahhh, the age old question of Fluval vs. Eheim....brings back memories!

Here's my two cents:  Fluval is a nice filter, easy to work with and
reliable (in my experience).  I have a 403 in my 55 gal plant tank and
have enjoyed it thoroughly.

However, I do think the eheims are a higher quality filter.  It's just 
a matter of how much bucks you have.

Both are quiet (I have my fluval about 2 feet from my bed and don't hear
it at night), although the eheims are virtually silent even right next to 

I know fluval just changed colors (brown to grey, which I don't like!)
but I don't think they come prepacked.  Mine did not.  I put the ceramic
noodles (2 boxes) in the bottom compartment, along with some eheim
fine floss, the middle is stuffed with peat, and the top is the sponge.

Another thing to consider is the Magnums, since they ahve been redesigned
to no longer have the oiling problem.  I have one of those I use
just to mechanical strain my reef tank during water changes and I must
say I'm not overly fond of it, as its a pain to start and get the air
out of.  However every time I'm using it I'm setting it up from scratch...

Hope that helps a little!

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Canister filters: Magnum 330

by rclark/ (Richard Clark)
Date: 15 May 92
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

>I have a Magnum 330 that I just can't seem to get to work.
[stuff deleted - I wish more people would do this]

>  Does anyone have any suggestions about what I could do to fix it?

Yes - you can contact Marineland tech support by sending email to Tim
Hovanec (director of aquatic research, Marineland) at 

He will be happy to help you.

rick clark
rick clark   (
             (CIS 70272,3270)

Your first power filter ? - READ THIS!

by enenkel/ (Robert Frederick Enenkel)
Date: 22 May 92
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria

(Valerie Haecky) writes:

>Suddenly I found myself with a filter sputtering water all over
>my living room (glad I have renter's insurance!). 
>Don't just read the instructions, meditate. 

Don't feel too bad.  Reminds me of when the motor on one of my Eheim
2017's crapped out.  No problem, I thought.  I'll just splice an
old March 10 gal/min pump I have kicking around into the input side,
and feed it with that.  Everything was ready, so I walked over to
the wall socket and plugged in the March.  Worked great!  Lots more
water shooting into the aquarium than with the Eheim's own pump.  
Then I heard a funny noise.  I looked dumbly at the canister,
and the little metal clips (holding the lid on) that were slowly
starting to bend.  Oh my god it's going to... Bang!  One of the clips
zingged across the room just as I lunged at the canister.  Water was
shooting out from the sprung lid seal, spraying me in the face and
chest as I leaned all my weight on the lid to get it back on.  Water
was also running into the motor of the running March pump and spreading
in a pool on the floor.  I figured I was about 0.5 seconds from getting
electrocuted (no GFI in that house either).  I had to let go.  The lid
came blasting off completely as I lunged for the plug.  I pulled the plug
out of the wall, but water was still syphoning out of the tank and into
the open canister and spilling all over the floor.  I threw the whole
canister into the fish tank and ran for some towels...

Yes, meditate.  And don't be an ignoramus like me and pressurize the
input side of a canister filter (especially one with dirty wool...)

Robert Enenkel

Magnum HOT's are broken if they are noisy! (fix)

by jab/ (Alan Barrow)
Date: 17 Dec 1993
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

Hello all,

If you have a Magnum HOT (or are considering one) you need to read this.

My recent experience with a Magnum HOT cannister filter may prove

I bought the HOT after looking (and listening) to one in operation at a

After a week of use the HOT got started vibrating. I assumed I must have
clogged media, so I cleaned and tried again. No luck. 

I started looking at the impeller, and it did not seem to spin freely.
No amount of cleaning made a difference.

So I made a quick trip to a dealer that had parts for Magnum, Fluval,
and Eheim. Quick examination of a new impeller confirmed that mine was
not right. I started talking with the dealer, and he explained that if
the impeller for the HOT does not have a black line (magic marker on the
pink plastic impeller) on it, it will probably fail as mine did.

He suggested discussing with Marineland, as they made him aware of the
issue, and have been handling it under warantee. He also indicated that
they may not officially acknowledge the problem. (As a class defect)

He did indicate that every failure he has seen has been an impeller
without the black stripe, and every one he has swapped for a customer
has corrected the problem.

I called marineland, and spoke with Mark. (He was helpful with technical
questions I had before I bought the filter.)

Mark indicated that if a HOT ever gets noisy, it is broken, and to call
them. He volunteered to send me a new impeller ASAP, and to not to worry
about returning the old one. I did ask about the black marker, and he
did not really commit to a class problem.

He feels that the impeller should never fail, and if it did to call him,
and he will replace it. 

Is that a better of worse than an Eheim at 3x the cost that never fails?
I do not know. 

I wanted the HOT for a purely different reason than an Eheim or Fluval.
It suits my needs perfectly, and I would not have spent the $$$ to get
250 GPH from the E* or the F* filter. ($39.95 for a micron cannister
filter is pretty cheap! Use the foam/GAC when you are not polishing.
(I use RF UGF for BIO, and Aquaclear 200 for Addit Mech and Chem

I have not seen any indication of flow reduction with media in place.
Maybe in 6 mths I will. I think the HOT delivers much GPH for the $$.

So, knowing what I know now, I think the $40 was well spent, and would
do it again. 

Though I would also consider the Atlantis 60 "conversion" (hang on
tank) trickle filter with skimmer) to be a one shot system. (IE: replace
all the filters with the one Atlantis 60)

Anyway, I would not be afraid of the HOT.

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