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Fluidized Bed Filters


  1. What is a FLUIDIZED BED filter
    by (Orly) (20 Nov 1996)

What is a FLUIDIZED BED filter

by (Orly)
Date: 20 Nov 1996
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlids

In article <>, says...
>Could someone tell me what a fluidized bed filter is. Also are there many
>advantages in running a reverse flow undergravel filter over a normal
>undergravel filter.
>Thanks, Adam Havryliv,


I do not like reverse flow because it eliminates the redundant surface 
agitation that is usually afforded by normal undergravel setups.  You usually 
compliment your UGF with some mechanical filtration and thsu provide 2 sources 
for tumbling O2 into your water.  When you go RUGF, you eliminate one and if 
the mechanical filter stalls you have what I refer to as "Orly's $1,500 stupid 

On fluid beds: These are extremely compact filters that use the same exact 
concept as your UGF, but with some minor differences - 1) sand is used in lieu 
of gravel, increasing the avalable surface area considerably  2) the sand is 
tumbled in water, improving oxygenation.  The best thing about these gems, is 
that they are extremely easy to DIY and you can bio filter 200 gallons of 
loaded water with just $10 in materials and a power head or pump.

A friend has a nice DIY plan for this thing and she can be reached at

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