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  1. Aquaria FAQ?
    by "Noel S. Gorelick" <> (Tue, 16 Aug 94)

Aquaria FAQ?

by "Noel S. Gorelick" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94

You seem to be the keeper of the aquaria FAQ.  I have been trying to find 
information on ozonizers.  During my search, I was able to compile the
following information which I think would be good for the FAQ.

-- Noel Gorelick (
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Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, that helps reduce ammonia
and nitrites, helps kills bacteria and viruses, and has enormous
cleaning potential.

Ozonizers work with an air pump.  The air pump pushes air through
the ozone generating unit, where a discharge tube converts some of
the O2 into O3.  The O2/O3 air mixture is then injected into the
tank water, usually in either a special ozone reaction chamber, or
as part of the Venturi intake on a protein skimmer.  This treated
water is then usually run through a carbon chamber to convert the 
excess O3 into CO2, before returning the water to the tank.  Some 
people just dump the treated water into a flow-thru basket full of 
carbon, as a much cheaper alternative to a carbon chamber.

In addition, many ozone generation units require the air pump output
to pass through an air dryer before entering the ozone unit.  Air
dryers typically consist of a small chamber of resin beads that
absorb water that might be in the air.  These beads must be recharged
fairly frequently by baking them in an oven for a while.

Because ozone is so reactive, it requires the use of special neoprene
air hose, rather than the normal air hose, and if you are using a
skimmer rather than a reaction chamber, you need to make sure it
is ozone safe.

You measure how much ozone is getting into your tank with an ORP
monitor.  Too much ORP is bad for your tank too.  Several companies
sell ORP controllers that will measure the ORP of your tank and turn 
off the ozone unit if it gets too high, or on if it gets too low.

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