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  1. Plankton "Friendly" Pumps
    by (Dave Sheehy) (16 Aug 1994)

Plankton "Friendly" Pumps

by (Dave Sheehy)
Date: 16 Aug 1994
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

JohnS24106 ( wrote:
: The device might have to have screws of a hard
: plastic material instead of metal as the original device had, but
: otherwise this seems to be a perfect solution to the problems of keeping
: plankton alive in our plumbing systems.

Here's another simple non-destructive pumping system (inspired from EcoActivity
Dustin's favorite aquaculture company :-). Take a stiff rod and wrap some 
flexible tubing around it in a spiral. Incline it at an angle of say 30 to
45 degrees and spin with a motor. Stick the low end in the sump and the high
at the output.

FWIW, Ecoactivity uses 3 sections of 3 or 4" black plastic gutter pipe 
(non-perforated of course) wrapped around an axle.

Dave Sheehy

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