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Freshwater Skimmers


  1. Skimmers (and/or Ozone)
    by (Kevin Sullivan) (Wed, 24 Feb 1993)

Skimmers (and/or Ozone)

by (Kevin Sullivan)
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1993
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria,sci.aquaria

I had some goldfish in a 20g.  Surface tension film on water.  
Put a Skilter 250 on it.  It worked.  Protein skimmers will 
work on FW if there's enough stuff in the water for them to skim.

From: (Robert Frederick Enenkel)
Date: 21 Jan 92 22:45:30 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria
Subject: freshwater protein skimmers

Some people have been asking about freshwater protein skimmers lately.
Well, I tried an experiment in my unfiltered pea-soup goldfish tank.
Although I did have 1 tsp/gal of salt in there before, I changed 90%
of the water last week so very little salt is left.  It's still pea-
soup though.  I took a 1.5" diameter ABS pipe and stuck a Y on the top
with the side branch facing down.  This gizmo went into the tank and
an airstone fed by a Dynamaster II went in the bottom.  Great gouts
of stinking green came spewing out of the top!  I was transfixed 
by the smell.  It smelled exactly like the nitrification ponds at a
sewage plant I was poking around at last summer (don't ask :-)  So
you see, they do work in freshwater.  Maybe it just depends on how
dirty your water is.  Now I just have to figure out a way to catch
the foam and do something with it before it slides back into the tank...

P.S.  Here's a picture if you want to try it:

                            o o  o  foam out
                          o  o o  o 
                         o  |    |  o
                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ water level
                            |  . |
                            |  .  \
                            | .     \
                            |  .      \
                            |  . |\     \
                            | .. |  \  water out
                            | .  |
                            |.   |
                            | .. |
                            | .  |
                            |  . |
                            | .  |
                            | .  |
                            | -at--at- | airstone
                            |    |

Robert Enenkel

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