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Jumping Fish


  1. Jumping critters - a summary
    by Igor Livshits <> (Wed, 17 Mar 1993)
  2. [F] 5 1/2 gal Lo-tech Plant Tank
    by (Matthew William Mengerink) (18 Mar 1995)
  3. Jumping fish and open tops
    by George Booth <booth/> (Fri, 14 Jul 2000)
  4. (No Title)
    by "II, Thomas Barr" <tcbiii/> (Fri, 14 Jul 2000)
  5. Open Top Tanks
    by Karen Randall <krandall/> (Fri, 14 Jul 2000)

Jumping critters - a summary

by Igor Livshits <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1993
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria


Here is the summary of aquarium jumping critters I promised a few weeks ago...

I will list these by general categories with specific examples under each
category.  Please excuse any inaccuracies in grouping and spelling...



Camel shrimp (2 reports) [M][R]

Pearl danios (1 report) [F]
Blue danios (1 report) [F]

One report [F]

Hatchet fish
Marbled hatchets (1 report) [F]
Note: All are likely to jump

All (1 report) [F]

All (1 report) [F]

Neon tetras (1 report) [F]

FW fish that I do not know
Botia (1 report) [F]
Arowanas (1 report) [F]

Flame angel (1 report) (uncommon) [M]

Pseudo-chromis bicolor (1 report) [M]
Pseudochromis porphyris - purple pseudochromis (1 report) [M]
Royal gramma (numerous reports, one negative; these are basslets, right?) [M]

Escenias bicolor  - bicolor blenny (1 report) [M]
Salarias fasciatus  -  sailfin blenny (1 report) [M]

Common clown (1 report) (?, possibly due to harrassment) [M]

Dominoe (uncomfirmed) [M]

At night, eels do their dance; so, all are extremely likely to end up on the
floor if the tank is not covered. [M]

Nemataleotris decora - firefish, firegoby (1 report) (these are about the
Ambly.? something - diamond goby (1 report) [M]

Generic (1 report) [M]

From: (Oleg Kiselev)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1993 21:44:18 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.aquaria
Subject: Re: Jumping critters - a summary

All fish jump.  The worst are the killifish of Fundulopanchax, Rivulus,
Moema and Pterolebias genera.  
Oleg Kiselev at home			...use the header to find the path

[F] 5 1/2 gal Lo-tech Plant Tank

by (Matthew William Mengerink)
Date: 18 Mar 1995
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria,sci.aquaria

In article <3k71ed$> (Ron Tribble) writes:
>   Matthew William Mengerink ( wrote:
>   : In article <3jnv2n$> "David W. Webb" <> writes:
>   : >   > 	BTW  this sounds like a Killifish tank you are designing!
>   : >   > Try some of them?
>   : >   > 
>   : >   I've heard a few people that have suggested killies and I need to 
>   : >   find out more, so I'll post this on alt.aquaria.killies too.
>   : >
>   : >   I also forgot to mention that I am considering leaving the tank 
>   : >   uncovered for better light penetration.
>   : You're search is done then, because all killifish are jumpers.  No cover ==
>   : no killifish.  Dwarf Cichlids, Bettas, or Gouramis maybe?
>   WRONG!  If you knew the species better you could find quite a few
>   that do NOT jump.

Well, here is Oleg's comment on my original response I got the reply
about a week ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting it since I was
out of town.  My apolgies for the misinformation.  I had read this 
"all killies are jumpers" from a message on the killies mailing list.



~From: (Oleg Kiselev)
~Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 23:49:27 PST
In-Reply-To: Matthew William Mengerink <>
       "Can you comment on this one?" (Mar 13,  9:51am)
X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.5 10/14/92)
~Subject: Re: Can you comment on this one?

COmment to you or on the NET?  I don't know if I will get to read the net
before this article expires.

>> You're search is done then, because all killifish are jumpers.  No cover ==
>> no killifish.  Dwarf Cichlids, Bettas, or Gouramis maybe?

Not *all* killies are jumpers.  Pupfishes, Cynolebias, Nothos and a few
others seem to have no interest in jumping.

>	I am pretty sure I have heard Oleg (?) or another Killie guru
>say that as long as there are lots of floating plants  jumping is rarely
>a problemo. Any guru input on this one?

It's not as simple as that.  When I say "lots of floating plants" I mean
that the fish have 1/4" of riccia or duckweed or water sprite between them
and the air.  Or if there is a 4" thick layer of Elodea or hornwort on the
surface.  Even then, I would expect any Rivulus, Fundulopanchax, Moema or
Pterolebias to pay much attention to the plants -- they jump regardless of
what's above them.  THe plants will make them less *likely* to jump, but I
would not leave the tank uncovered.  With most APhyosemions a thick plant
cover will make death-leaps unlikely, though not impossible.

On the other hand, I have lost very few lampeyes to jumping -- but it's the
most attractive and valuable ones that do, so beware...

Bettas and gouramis are just as lousy of a choice as killies -- they are
just as likely to jump as Aphyosemions.

Oleg Kiselev at home			...use the header to find the path

Jumping fish and open tops

by George Booth <booth/>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000

(No Title)

by "II, Thomas Barr" <tcbiii/>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000

> Jumping fish and evaporation are the bad parts, everything else is great!

We had problems with jumping fish, especially rainbows and SAE, until we solved 
the problem with a little doo-dad. 

We had a local plastic fabricator create a 2 piece acrylic "fence" for the top 
of the tank. The tank is an All-Glass brand 120 g tank and has a plastic rim 
around it that has a depressed lip all around the inside that supports the 

           ||< fence
  +------+ ||  
  |      | ||  
  |      +---+
  | +---+    |
  +-|   |----+
    |   |  
    |   |~~~~~~~~  water level
We had two L-shaped pieces formed from 1/8" acrylic that was 6" high. The 
L-shapes fit together inside the tank rim and rest on the lip. Top view:

    |                   |
    |                   |
We had the shop cut notches for all the wires, siphons, water resturns, etc that 
go over the edge. The notches are on the rear or right side of the piece that 
goes in back. The front piece is plain. For cleaning and maintenance, we remove 
the front piece and set it aside. 

We have not lost a single fish since we added it 4 years ago. It cost us $39 at 
the time. It works best if you measure really carefully so that the pieces fit 
together snuggly in the rim. The long sides should be 1/8" shorter than the 
internal dimension of the rim so that the short pieces can overlap the long 
pieces with a snug fit:

   |   ______
   | ||______
   | ||
   | || 
   | ||
The clear fence is hardly noticeable, at least until the rainbows splash water 
all over it during a feeding frenzy. A little water and a soft 100% cotton rag 
clean it up nicely. 

Now if we could just solve the evaporation problem...
George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado ( 

Open Top Tanks

by Karen Randall <krandall/>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000

Tom wrote:

>Tropica and dupla have examples and so does SFBAAPS (mine). I like Hamiltons
>MH as they are cheap and nice. Jumping fish and evaporation are the bad
>parts, everything else is great!
>Setting them up is not much different than other tanks. You can do more with
>open top tanks though.

I love mine too, and I agree with Tom that evaporation is a PITA,
especially in the winter when the room temperature is lower.

I don't agree with the jumping thing though.  I was worried about it ahead
of time, but I've lost less fish out of that tank than I have out of my
other, fully covered tanks in the same period of time. My tank has been
running for a year now, and I have lost exactly 2 fish, one Columbian red
fin tetra, and one Congo tetra.  BOTH had been in the tank for less than a
week, and had not yet settled in when they jumped.  I've even got some
Killies in there.  They all seem to be happy and comfortable.  I do allow
many plants to grow to the surface, so there is plenty of "natural" cover.

Like Tom and George, I use the Hamilton Technologies lamps, and have been
very happy with them.


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