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Painted Glassfish


  1. 'stained glass' fish - genuine or modified fakes?
    by ( rosa) (Wed, 7 Oct 1992)

'stained glass' fish - genuine or modified fakes?

by ( rosa)
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1992

In article <> (Uncle Fester) writes:
>In article <> tpehrson-at-javelin.sim
> writes:
>>please help settle a dispute:
>>are 'stained glass' fish -- transparent fish with a various bright color
>>down the back -- a bona-fide variety of fish or a fallacious novelty created 
>>by injecting dye?
>Pure, unadulterated fakery.  In a few months, the injected dye will fade,
>and you will be left with a fish that is as plain and uninteresting as a
>Bush campaign promise.

Well, at least PAR of what you say is true. The colors on the painted fish
will fade within a few months. This process is NOT very good for the fish,
and most will die before the color fades. I also reccommend that you aviod the
painted individuals. HOWEVER, Glassfish possess a delicate 
beauty that is only apparant when they are kept in proper conditions. I have 
had small schools (8-10 fish) of the UNPAINTED VARIETY in a 30 gallon tank that
were quite spectacular. The fish likes warm conditions (high 70's), brackish
water and small live foods. Live plants (or at least some algae) helps bring
out their color. Yes, glassfish have color. The males develop a bright electric
blue border to the trailing edge o fthe dorsal, the body turns a yellowish/gold,
and there are some neat colors from refracting light off the scales. This is 
NOT a flashy fish, but very pleasant. Too bad they paint them.

Joe DeRosa

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