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Lake Victoria Cichlids


  1. RE: Lake Victoria cichlids - Goldschmidt's papers
    by colemanr/ () (5 Jan 1994)
  2. RE: Lake Victoria cichlids - Goldschmidt's papers
    by Irv Konfield <IRVK/MAINE.MAINE.EDU> (Wed, 5 Jan 1994)

RE: Lake Victoria cichlids - Goldschmidt's papers

by colemanr/ ()
Date: 5 Jan 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

Some people requested that I post a few of Tijs Goldschmidt's papers on 
Lake Victoria cichlids:  
Goldschmidt, T. 1991. 
   Egg mimics in Haplochromine cichlids (Pisces, Perciformes) from Lake 
   Victoria. Ethology 88:177-190.

Goldschmidt, T., and F. Witte. 1990. 
   Reproductive strategies of zooplanktivorous haplochromine cichlids 
   (Pisces) from Lake Victoria before the Nile perch boom. Oikos 58:356-368
Goldschmidt, T., F. Witte, and J. de Visser. 1990. 
    Ecological segregation in zooplanktivorous haplochromine species 
     (Pisces: Cichlidae) from Lake Victoria. Oikos 58:343-355

There may be others, but this is a start...
-- Ron Coleman 

RE: Lake Victoria cichlids - Goldschmidt's papers

by Irv Konfield <IRVK/MAINE.MAINE.EDU>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

Two additional general references on the Victorian cichlid demise
that are pretty general:

1.   Barel et al 1985. Destruction of fisheries in Africa's lake.
     Nature 315:19-20.
     [This was the first good overview of the effects of nile perch
      on the endemic cichlid fauna.  co-authors included Humphrey
      Greenwood, Geoffrey Fryer, Rosemary Lowe-McConnell and Ethelwynn

2.   Barel, C.D.N., W. Ligtvoet, T. Goldschmidt, F. Witte and
     P.C. Goudswaard. 1991. The haplochromine cichlids if Lake
     Victoria: an assessment of biological and fisheries interests.
     pp. 258-289. in M.H.A. Keenleyside [ed.] Cichlid Fishes.
     Chapman and Hall.

Readers should note that there are two perspectives on this story,
the demise of the cichlids (bad for evolutionary biologists) and the
increase in lake production via the nile perch (_perhaps_ good for
local protein production/capitalization).  Les Kaufman of the New England
aquarium has written a number of more general accounts of the
ecological implications of this faunal change.


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