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  1. Cichlid Diets in the Wild
    by (Dean Hougen) (Tue, 11 Oct 1994)
  2. vegetables for African and Central American cichlids
    by (Grant Gussie) (Mon, 23 Jan 1995)

Cichlid Diets in the Wild

by (Dean Hougen)
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

There was a post recently asking for diets of cichlids in the wild.
Unfortunately, the message expired before I got a chance to reply to

Here are a couple of references to get you started:

Michael Goulding, Mirian Leal Carvalho, and Efrem G. Ferreira.
_Rio Negro, Rich Life in Poor Waters: Amazonian Diversity and
Foodchain Ecology as Seen Through Fish Communities_, SPB 
Academic Publishing, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1988.

Rosemary H. Lowe-McConnell.  "The cichlid fishes of Guyana,
South America, with notes on their ecology and breeding 
behavior."  Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 48:
255-302, 1969.

Some of the data from these and other sources is found in 
Lowe-McConnell's chapter in Keenleyside's cichlid book.

Rosemary H. Lowe-McConnell.  "Ecology of Cichlids in South 
American and African Waters, Excluding the African Great Lakes."
In Cichlid Fishes: Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution.  Miles H.
A. Keenleyside (ed.). Pages 60-85, 1991.

Another possibility, which I am trying to get ahold of, but
haven't seen yet is:

Knoppel, H.-A.  "Food of Central Amazonian fishes."
Amazoniana, 2: 257-352, 1970.

Dean Hougen, cichlidiot
"They will tell you its a serious thing."  - Bunny Wailer

vegetables for African and Central American cichlids

by (Grant Gussie)
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

In article <>, (Brian
Lebowitz) wrote:

> 	I've heard that I should be giving my African cichlids(pseudotropheus and 
> melanochromis species) some vetable matter in their diet.  What is the best 
> vegetable food, and how often should I feed it?  Also, should I be giving some 
> vegetables to my convicts, aztecs(cichlasoma managuensa), and severums?

Thinly slice SMALL zucchini into "coins". Make sure the zucchini is small
since the big ones have seeds that are too large and have tougher skins.
Drop the slices into boiling water for a minute or two, so they sink when
put in the tank. You can freeze the slices and use them as needed. Spinach
and romain lettuce can also be used the same way, but you have trim off the
fibrous parts.

Some vegetable matter in South American cichlids diets is good too, but the
fish won't eat it as is. You can grind (food process) some beef heart with
spinach and whole fish, then bind the mess with unflavoured gelatine. Most
fish eat this quite happily, and it is a good cheap food for larger

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