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Feeding Ring


  1. DIY Feeding rings
    by Marque Crozman <marquec/> (Mon, 16 Dec 1996)

DIY Feeding rings

by Marque Crozman <marquec/>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996

>Anybody have ideas for a homemade feeding ring (I don't want to order just
>one thing from mail-order)
>Thanks for any help.

I use large plastic curtain rings, you can buy them from a habedashery, they
are hollow, but normally have a small hole at one point. I seal this up with
silicon, and the thing floats quite nicely. They are about three inches in 
diameter. It is held in place with a plastic twist tie that is used to close 
bread bags, onto a suction cup on the side of the tank. 

The fish very quickly get acustomed to feeding at this point, and so congregate
under the ring at feeding time.

They are ideal for tanks that employ overflows, as all the food doesn't end
up in the weir to foul the water. BTW, if you do have tanks with overflows
and get debrie building up, glass shrimp are great for eliminating the problem.
They live in the overflows and catch small bits of uneaten food and so on,
reducing the maintenence on the prefilters.


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