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  1. Help, I'm going away for a month! What to do?
    by (Oleg Kiselev) (Mon, 5 Dec 1994)

Help, I'm going away for a month! What to do?

by (Oleg Kiselev)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

In article <3bt80f$>,
Noel Llopis  <> wrote:
>- What is the absolute maximum time that the aquarium can spend
>  unnatended? I'm thinking of having someone come once a week,
>  is that enough?

it can be enough.  it would be better if you could have someone come by 2-3 
times/week and feed the fish very small amounts of food, 

>- What do I do with the light? On or off? It gets very little window
>  light, although enough for the fish to "wake up" in the morning.

get a timer.  wal-mart and home depot have them for less than $10.
yourplants may not survive a month of twighlight.

>- What is the minimum temperature that the room can stay at? I 
>  imagine it wouldn't be a good idea to lower it to 40F :) but I'm
>  not sure if 50 would be OK.

for danios i would not go below 65F.  the room can probably cool down to
55F.  if you are not the one paying for the utilites, crank the heat up! :-)

>- Should I change a bunch of water before I go? Better not?

yes.  but try to not exceed your normal water change by too much.

um...   you said you had those fish for 1 week.  how long has the tank been
set up?  if it's been running for less than a month, and has not yet fully
cycled, you may have some very severe problems...

>- How about those "weeked food pellets". Is there anything like
>  "month food pellets" :)?

don't even think about those things.  they are horrid things invented by
unprincipalled people who want to separate naiive aquarium owners from 
significant ammounts of cash.

>- Any other things I should take care of?

find someone who can come in 2-3 time/week and show them exactly how you
feed your fish and what you feed them and how much.  
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