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Incandescent Lighting


  1. Incandescent lights
    by "Kevin Jones" <spikes37/> (Wed, 21 Jul 1999)

Incandescent lights

by "Kevin Jones" <spikes37/>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999

Roger Miller Wrote:
>Incandescent lights in general produce too
>much heat to run over an aquarium.  They're also inefficient and don't
>last long.  It's possible to use incandescents but most of us would use
>something else - usually fluorescent light.

Granted those are all really good reasons NOT to use incandescents I have 
tried and am trying it.  The tank in question is a 65 gallon plexiglass hex 
tank.  I'm using a 150 watt Osram Sylvania "Spot grow"  bulb.  The tank has 
been running for about a year now, and I've only gone through one bulb that 
burnt out about 2 months ago.  It has no reflector on it because the bulb 
has a built in reflector.

I know the limitations of incandescents, and only keep crypts, java ferns 
and moss, water sprite, and a water lily that is flowering at this moment.  
I thought I'd let everyone know of my success with incandescent.


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