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  1. DIY flourescent hood for small tanks
    by (Dave Bashford) (Fri, 13 Aug 1993)

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DIY flourescent hood for small tanks

by (Dave Bashford)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1993

I just found something that makes a nice light hood for my 10 gallon
tank.  It's a stainless steel "mud pan" for ~ $12 at the local home
store. Mud pans are used by tapers when they put the tape on drywall, I
think.  Anyway it's the right size, has a nice finish, and most
importantly for me - it dissipates heat well.  They are approximately
the same size in cross section as the plastic rain gutters and come in
a couple of different lengths up to ~20".

I mounted a double-bulb, switched socket that I took from the cheap hood
that came with the tank. And I put two 20 watt flourescent "replacement"
bulbs in it.

I have had the ballast portion of smaller flourescent "replacement" bulbs
burn out from the heat in my previous rain gutter hood. So far the mud
pan hood has work very well.

If anyone is interested in more details, let me know.

db (Dave Bashford, Sunnyvale, CA)

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