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VHO Fluorescent


  1. VHO Actinic Bulbs
    by (Anthony Tse) (29 Apr 92)

VHO Actinic Bulbs

by (Anthony Tse)
Date: 29 Apr 92
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

In article <> (Greg Smith) writes:
>In article <>, (Anthony Tse) writes...
>>In article <> marka-at-SSD.CSD.HARRIS.COM (Mark Ashley) writes:
>>>The deal I'm getting is a 2 bulb package 3ft long each.
>>>One actinic-03 (blue) and one actinic white. Plus the
>>>special ballast. Is this appropriate ? Too much ? 
>>>Too little ?
>>Personally, I think actinic white type bulbs are major rip off.  The
>>actinic phosphorus don't last that long, that's why you have to
>>replace the 03s every six months to a year.  A tri-phosphorous white
>>bulb like the AdvantageX last 30,000 hours.  If you put the two
>>together and make an real expensive actinic white, the actinic
>>phorphorus is still only going to last six months to a year, after
>>that, your actinic white is just plain white.
>>As far as VHO, I would recommand against them unless you can't
>>get enough output from normal output bulbs.  VHOs are expensive,
>>put out less lumens per watt, and have shorter life span.
>Do you have data that shows VHO bulbs put out less lumens per watt?  If so
>please share it.

	Phillips puts out a chart on relative output for various wattage
actinic03 normalized to the 48" 40W tube.

	Tube Type		Wattage		Length		Factor (of 40W, 48")
	TLD15W/03		15W			18"			.3
	TL20W/03		20W			24"			.4
	TL30W/03		30W			36"			.7
	TLD30W/03		30W			18"			.45
	TL40W/03		40W			48"			1.
	TLK40W/03		40W			24"			.6
	TL60W/03		60W			48"			1.4
	TL140W/03		140W		60"			2.5

The 30W 18" job does not put out twice as much light as the 15W 18" job.
The 40W 24" job does not put out twice as much light as the 20W 20" job.
The 60W 48" job does not put out 1.5 times as much light as the 40W 48" job.

Useful life for the normal output tube are 3000 hours.  The useful life
for the HO jobs are 2000 hours.

	Similar data for the normal output ColorTones vs HO ColorTones but I
don't have the data with me at the moment.


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