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Wonderlite Spec Sheet

[This information is transcribed off a pamphlet I got from the manufacturer. I am not responsible for its content, nor am I an employee of theirs. I am reproducing it for its informational value only.]

Wonderlite(R) for superior plant growth and bloom

No fixture or ballast required!

WONDERLITE represents a technological breakthrough in growing, blooming and maintaining high and medium light demanding flowering and foliage plants indoors under artificial light.

WONDERLITE is the only screw base reflector flood lamp that operates in standard incandescent sockets (please use porcelain rather than plastic socket) and has the same ability to grow and bloom plants as fluorescent tubes, but at a greater distance.

WONDERLITE has a specially designed combination of arc-tube, filament and glass which produces a light that is balanced in both the blue and red (440 and 660 nanometers) ends of the visible spectrum, with peaks in the far red (740 nanometers). This balance is the essence of plant growth, maintenance and bloom.


Nominal Watts: 160
Bulb: R40 Reflector Flood (Special Heat and Water Resistant Glass)
Volts: 120 (115-125V), 50-60 Cycles
Base: Medium Skirted
Burning Position: Any
Max. Diameter: 5 inches
Max. Length: 7-3/4 inches
Average Hours for 160W: 8,000 (based on minimum of 8 hours per start)

WONDERLITE is available in 300W for high ceilings

Color and Growth Spectrum

[Here is a graphic of the spectrum.] According to the Lighting Handbook (5th Edition) of the Illumination Engineering Society, ``The action spectra of the five major photoresponses of plants show the utilization of energy in three major spectral regions (400 to 500nm, 600 to 700 nm, 700 to 800 nm)''.

As shown by the dark colored line on the top chart, the relative measurement of the WONDERLITE shows peaks of 80% or more in all three of the spectral regions of plant photoresponses.

WONDERLITE renders an excellent balance of the blue and red (440 and 660 nm) ends of the visible spectrum assuring a superb daylight color. This excellent balance of blues and reds combined with peaks in the far red is the essence of plant growth and bloom.

Plant Placement, Light Spread and Temperature Charts

[Here is the graphic of this chart. I have omitted the table of high, medium and low-light plants originally listed below the chart.]

Wonderlite(R) is the only light bulb of its kind in the world

FOR THE NURSERYMAN/FLORIST: WONDERLITE is the only reflector flood lamp that triples as a display, growth and bloom light source indoors. Plant displays look as if they are standing in daylight. Mark downs are drastically curtailed.

FOR THE ARCHITECT AND INTERIOR DESIGNER: A light source that is compatible with normal household and office lighting that can be placed literally anywhere in decorative fixtures. Cuts the cost of maintenance as high as 20% and the need for replacement by 50% or more.

FOR THE HOBBYIST: WONDERLITE has succesfully bloomed annuals, gesnerids, orchids (including noncrossed vandas), roses and all standard flowering house plants (and many others you haven't dared to try) at farther distances than fluorescents.

For Information or to order, please call

1-800-221-4289 or 212-989-1600
FAX: 212-924-2708
75 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
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