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  1. [M] Training large angels to be reef compatible?
    by steve/celia.UUCP (Steve Tyree) (30 Jun 92)

[M] Training large angels to be reef compatible?

by steve/celia.UUCP (Steve Tyree)
Date: 30 Jun 92
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

In article <> (Scott Schaeffer) writes:
>won't touch live food. Is this possible with a juvenile non
>centropyge angel? Any ideas?

 The latest Marine Fish Monthly has an article about setting up tanks for
specific species. The author suggests that someone might try what you want
to do. The problem will be in identifying which high order inverts will be
under attack from certain fish species. ie - each fish species will probably
only eat or bother a certain type of coral or anenome. This could be a very
painful process to undertake or research. But, once we know which corals a
(ex.) Queen Angelfish will attack or eat, we will know which inverts to keep
out of the tank. Personally I would not recommend adding an adult to an es-
tablished reef. You could add a juvenile and then keep an eye out for poten-
tial trouble. The best solution would be to add a pair into a live rock low
order invert tank and then slowly add higher order inverts, keeping records
while you do this. 
 I have located a scientific journal article which details the spawning be-
havior of large Marine Angelfish. I dont have a copy of this yet.
 Journal - Marine Biology
 Issue   - 70:149-156
 Title   - Courtship and spawning in the Emperor Angelfish Pomacanthis 
           imperator with comments on reproduction by other Pomacanthid

  ps - You should be aware that the normal spawning rise distance for these
       large angels is about 5 feet. It might be made shorter though.

 Steve Tyree - Reef Breeder

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