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  1. [M] Yellow wrasse
    by voneltz/ (Bob Eltze) (12 Feb 92)

[M] Yellow wrasse

by voneltz/ (Bob Eltze)
Date: 12 Feb 92
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria,sci.aquaria (Darin Cowan) writes:

>In my marine tank I had a Scooter Blennie.  He (she? it?) just plain 
>disappeared.  I haven't seen it in about 2 weeks, nor have I seen any 
>indication it may be dead or otherwise.  All I had in the tank up till 
>yesterday were a bow-tie damsel, a blue damsel, a coral beauty and a 
>pink-tipped anemone.
>I recently added a pearlscale butterfly and a mandarin goby.  That's about 
>the max for that tank I think.  I still wonder where the scooter got to...

I suspect the culpret was the anemone.

I have had problems with scooter blennies and my carpet anemone.  I once 
bought 3 scooter blennies and I think they all died because of the anemone.

The first day I had them, I found a dead blennie sitting inches from the 
anemone.  I now suspect that I had been stung by the anemone.  The next day
the anemone expelled the half digested body of another one of the blennies.
The third blennie lasted for quite some time but eventually dissappeared.
My aquarium has been moved since then and I carefully checked everything that
came out of the tank but there was no sign of the blennie.

Several times I saw the blennie swim into the anemone and quickly dart out.
Since blennies are bottom dwelling fish they stand a good chance of running
into anything you have on the bottom of your tank.   
Robert Eltze

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