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  1. Polka-Dot BOXFISH
    by camjbo/ (John Otridge) (5 Apr 93)


by camjbo/ (John Otridge)
Date: 5 Apr 93
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria

In article <1993Apr5.184543.16569-at-pony.Ingres.COM>, camacho-at-Ingres.COM (Troy Camacho) writes...
>I heard that if they die, they can release poison that will
>kill everything in your tank.
>Troy Camacho

Thanks for the reply Troy, I read that too.  They can also release toxins if 
sufficiently stressed and end up killing themselves and everything else in
the tank/ecosystem.  What do they like to eat? Is this different for  
juvenilles and adults? Are they very susceptble to aggresion from gobies  
(unlikely but you never know)? Answers to these questions and any other 
boxfish information eagerly anticipated

                                                John Otridge  

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