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  1. Purity of Reagent grade chemicals
    by chuck/ (Chuck Parsons) (Fri, 24 Jan 1992)

Purity of Reagent grade chemicals

by chuck/ (Chuck Parsons)
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1992
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

  I got a catalogue from NASCO in the mail. They have a selection
of chemicals, _but_ they won't sell chemicals to indivduals. They
will sell other stuff to individuals, this is a company geared to
high school science classes. They have microscopes, wall charts

   Nasco # 1-800-558-9595  901 Janesville Ave. 
                           P.O. Box 901
                           Fort Atkinson, Wi. 53538-0901

   (Sorry they don't list a non-800 number, if you are not in the
    US (NA?) you'll have to call information)

Despite the fact that they won't sell chemicals to individuals
they have some descriptions and prices I thought were interesting.

(From page 231 of the 1992 NASCO Catalog)

  Reagent ACS - Meets or surpasses the American Chemical Society 
                standards of purity.

  Reagent  - Does not exceed maximum limits of signifcant impurities as
             stated. (on label) Does not have ultrastringent requirements 
             of Reagent ACS.

  Laboratory Grade - Equivalent in purity to United States Pharmacopeia
             (USP) and National Formulary (NF) listings. However they
             are not offered for food, drug, or medicainal use of any kind.

  Pratical Grade - Sufficiently high quality for use in many synthesis
             and other applications.

  Technical Grade - Selected commercial grades, scrupulously clean,
             and of reasonable chemical purity. Where usagle, most economical
             grade and suitable for educational purposes.  

Some sample prices. (but they won't sell it to you...)

 (Often several grades are listed, I only list the highest grade, usually
  the cheaper grades are only 10-20% less )

   CaCO3 (Why buy this? but somebody mentioned it...)
        powder, Lab grade           100g  $4.85   500g  $8.25

   Ca(OH)2 powder, Reagent grade    100g  $5.15   500g $12.40

   CaCl2*2H2O  powder, Reagent ACS  100g  $6.30   500g $15.65

   Na2CO3  anhydrous powder, Reagent ACS          500g  $8.05

   NaHCO3  powder, Reagent ACS                    500g  $5.95

   NaI  crystals, Reagent            25g  $6.70   100g $13.50

   KI  crystals, Reagent ACS        100g $11.65

   SrCl2*6H2O granular, Reagent     100g  $8.45   500g $25.40

   They don't show any MoO3


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