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  1. Closed brain corals
    by fssmith/ (Greg Smith) (13 Nov 1992)

Closed brain corals

by fssmith/ (Greg Smith)
Date: 13 Nov 1992
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria

In article <>, (Tom McCain) writes...
>I was wondering....  Does anyone who has closed brain or moon corals
>under metal halide lighting notice that the coral closes down to the
>point that you can see the skeletal rock during daylight periods?  I
>have a friend that says his opens up to the point that he can see lots
>of the tentacles, but as soon as daylight, actinic light or MH light
>hit the tank it closes down.  Is this normal behavior for these types
>of corals?  Thanks.
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They close up sometimes during the day to the point where you can see the
shape of the underlying skeletal base.  You should not actually see the
skeleton unless the organism has an injury.  BTW these corals are capable
of eating quite a lot of small shrimp and what not.  Try feeding them mysis
shrimp at night after the lights are out.  The coral will love you for it.


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