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  1. [M] Setup cost (so far)
    by mesin/ (Alex Mesin) (15 Dec 1993)

[M] Setup cost (so far)

by mesin/ (Alex Mesin)
Date: 15 Dec 1993
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

This is the fourth time I am trying to post this, so sorry if there are duplicates)

Well, I just started a salt water tank.  I never had an aquarium before, so I am well prepared to make some (a lot?) mistakes.  For now, I just finished a setup to at least get me started.  I just wanted to tell people what I spent in case anyone was curious:

1)  55 gallon All-Glass aquarium with lighed hood (2 20 Watt florescent tubes 
    This lighting is substandard by the NET's opinion (4 Watts per gallon), but I got
    a good deal, so I took it.  Probably will change later since I eventually want a
    mini-reef setup.
2)  Pine Stand for the tank:  $100.00
    Cheap, crappy one, but it keeps the tank up  :)
3)  Gulf Stream Wet/Dry 2 gallon media filter (This inluded the media (Bio-Balls I
    think, overflow box, necessary piping and tubing, and Aquaclear 802 powerhead):
    Now that I have used this for a few days, I maybe should have bought a filter
    with a larger sump, considering there is not much room left after I put the
    powerhead in.  Also, I hear you do not need a Wet/Dry for a reef tank, but I do
    not have a lot of live rock yet, and figured better safe than sorry.
4)  EboJagger 200 Watt heater:
    Would have been cheaper if I mail ordered it (TFP sells same thing for ~$14)
5)  Instant Ocean salt (55 gallon bag + 10 gallon box):
                              $18.49 + $5.89
6)  SeaTest Hydrometer:       $11.00

TOTAL (so far):               $547.38 (HEFTY tax not included)

Let me note that I am nowhere near completion.  I will still have to get a nice mechanical filter (Fluval 403 or Magnum 350 maybe), and a protein skimmer, and of course more lighting.  But for now, I got enough of a setup that I got two Damsels and a live rock 4 days ago.  
     I just thought it would be useful for people to know how much a MINIMAL system would cost to start up.  If I have left anything out, or missing something major, please post so everyone gets to see it.  Later.
Sorry if you are reading the same thing for the 4 time.


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