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  1. More Fish Crazies =)
    by (Jodi Giannini) (24 May 93)

More Fish Crazies =)

by (Jodi Giannini)
Date: 24 May 93

More fishcrazies....

I'd rather wash 50 pounds of gravel, dolomite, oolite, or sand than
do one load of wash.

My husband is suspicious of chinese take-out boxes now, because the
last one was full of worms for the fish.

All hell breaks loose if I spill my soda on the carpet, but the
20 gallons of water that sloshed out during tank cleaning are cheerfully

I don't get tennis elbow, I get "bucket arm."

I have enough washers, tubing, uplift tubes, tees, clamps and pvc pipe
lying around so that strangers think I'm a professional plumber.

Who needs Elmer's glue--everything in the house is held together by 
silicone sealant!

I can't wash the dishes because there's driftwood soaking in the sink.

I buy terra cotta pots for my fish, not for my plants. Ditto for peat

Having waterlogged fingers doesn't bother me--it's just it's tough explaining
why my dishpan hands go all the way to the shoulder.

Every article of clothing I own has a fish motif on it.

It's not embarrassing anymore to be caught hugging my aquarium.

--Jodi "Tank You!" Giannini

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