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  1. [M] Questions on Jellyfish & Octopus
    by jastewar/ (James R Stewart) (Sat, 8 Feb 1992)

[M] Questions on Jellyfish & Octopus

by jastewar/ (James R Stewart)
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1992
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

  I've had a Cassiopeia sp. jellyfish (2") in my 80 gal. reef for a month
or so, and yesterday I noticed dozend of very small (1mm) bown jellyfish
swimming about the surface of the tank.  This was just after I'd done a bit
'o cleaning, stirring up some detrius.  I don't know how long they'd been
lurking there, but I adjusted the water flow so they wouldn't be washed
right into the overflow, but by today the corals and other inhabitants had
eaten most of them, and some were, I'm sure, filtered away.  Does anyone have
any experience with these things?  I've never raised jellyfish before...
do you have any advice on what I should do with the ones still alive?  The
only fish in the tank are 2 mandarins, who seem to ignore them, although I've
watched a few drift into corals and be eaten.  The adult(?) Cassiopeia
spends most of its time on the bottom on its back, pumping water past its
tentacles and photosynthesizing, but the little buggers seem to swim around
much more, and get themselves killed.
  Also, does anyone have experience raising octopus?  I've got one in a 30
gal tank that shares a common water supply -w- the reef, but I've removed
everything but the sedentary inverts that I figure the octopus'll ignore.
I've done lot of reading, but there's nothing like expreience.  I've gotten
her to accept live food (small supermarket clams) and she sems to prefer them
to live shrimp.  A good thing - they're a lot cheaper.  The tank has high
lighting for the corals, but a lot of dark hiding places.
  Any advice on Cassiopeia or Octopus vulgaris?

                                             -James Stewart
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