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  1. Common Fish Names 1/5
    by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack) (Sat, 23 Oct 93)
  2. Common Fish Names 2/5
    by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack) (Sat, 23 Oct 93)
  3. Common Fish Names 3/5
    by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack) (Sat, 23 Oct 93)
  4. Common Fish Names 4/5
    by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack) (Sat, 23 Oct 93)
  5. Common Fish Names 5/5
    by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack) (Sat, 23 Oct 93)

Common Fish Names 1/5

by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

     In response to a request from one of our foreign friends on
sci.aquaria, the following is a chart showing the scientific name
and "American" name of various marine fish.  This list is far from
a complete list of the fish commonly kept by marine enthusiasts.
It comes from "The Tetra Encyclopedia of The Marine Aquarium"
published 1987 by Tetra Press, 201 Tabor Road, Morris Plains, NJ.
Although the book is out of date when it comes to filtration
technology (not a word about wet-dry), the fish photographs are
excellent.  There is a photograph and description of each fish
listed below, including geographic distribution, maximum size, diet
and aquarium behavior.  I paid US$ 22 for it about three years ago
and I recommend it.  As to the accuracy of the information, I have
no idea.  I'm just a little country lawyer from White Plains.

     Preparing this list took a lot of work.  Please download it,
copy it, give it to your friends, amplify it with omissions and
have fun with it.  I have also uploaded this file in zipped format
onto Executive Network in the file if that's easier for
you to deal with.  Perhaps the file will travel to other nodes.
If I get really ambitious, I'll take the list around to a few stores and
get local prices for these fish which we can compare.

        If you receive this posting, please message me back with the
location of your node.  I'd love to know hos far flung this messag
goes.  Thanks.

Family         Genus         Species           Common Names

Acanthuridae   Acanthurus     Achilles         Achilles Tang
(Tangs and)                                    Red-Tailed Surgeon
                              Coeruleus        Blue T.

                              Glaucopareius    Goldrim T.
                                               Powder Brown

                              Leucosternon     Powder Blue S.

                              Lineatus         Clown S.
                                               Blue lined S.
                                               Pyjama T.

                              Sohal            Zebra S.
                                               Majestic S.

               Naso           Lituratus        Lipstick T. or S.

               Paracanthus    Hepatus          Regal T.

               Zebrasoma      Flavescens       Yellow T.

                              Veliferum        Striped Sailfin T.

                              Xanthurum        Purple Sailfin T.
                                               Emperor T.

Apogonidae     Apogon         Maculatus        Flamefish
               Sphaeramia     Nematopterous    Pyjama C.
               (Apogon)                        Spotted C.

Balistidae     Balistapus     Undulatus        Undulate Trigger
(Triggerfish)                                  Orange-Green T.
                                               Red-lined T.

               Balistes       Bursa            White-lined T.
                                               Bursa T.

                              Vetula           Queen T.
                                               Peja Puerco

               Balisrodies    Conspicillum     Clown T.
                                               Big Spotted T.

               Melichthys     Reingens         Black Finned T.

               Odonus         Niger            Black T.
                                               Niger T.

               Rinecanthus    Aculeatus        Picasso T.

Blennidae      Apistodontus   Taeniatus        False Cleanerfish
(Blennies)     NOTE: Text includes             Sabre-Toothed Blenny
               warning - Do not keep this      Cleaner Mimic
               fish in your tank.  It kills!

               Ecsenius       Bicolor          Bicolor B.

               Ophioblennius  Atlanticus       Redlip B.

               Petroscirtes   temmincki        Striped Slimefish
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Common Fish Names 2/5

by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

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               Salaria        fasciatus        Banded B.

Callionymidae  Synchiropus    picturatus       Psychedelic Fish
                              splendidus       Mandarin

Centriscidae   Aeoliscus      stigatus         Razorfish

Chaetodontidae Apolemichthys  arcuatus         Badit Angel
(& Pomcanthidae) (Angels)                      Banded A.

                              trimaculatus     Three-spot A.

               Arusetta       asfur            Purple Moon A.

               Centropyge     argi             Pygmy A.
                                               Purple Fireballo

                              bicolor          Bicolor Cherub
                                               Oriole A.

                              bispinosus       Coral Beauty

                              eibli            Aibl's A.

                              acanthops        African Pygmy A.

                              flavissimus      Lemonpeel A.

                              heraldi          Herald's A.

                              loriculus        Flame A.

                              multifasciatus   Multibarred A.

                              vroliki          Pearl-scaled A.

               Chaetodonplus  Conspiculatus    Conspicuous A.

                              duboulayi        Scribbled A.

                              septentrionalis  Blue Striped A.

               Euxiphipops    navarchus        Blue-girdled A.
                                               Majestic A.

                              xanthometapon    Blue-faced A.
                                               Yellow-faced A.
                                               Blue-masked A.

               Holacanthus    bermudensis      Blue A.

                              ciliarus         Queen A.

                              passer           King A.

                              tricolor         Rock Beauty

               Pomacanthus    annularis        Blue Ring A.

                              imperator        Emperor A.

                              paru             French

                              semicirculatus   Koran

               Pygoplites     diacanthus       Regal A.
                                               Royal Empress A.

(Butterfly)    Chaetodon      auriga           Threadfin B.

                              capistratus      Four-eyed B.

                              chrysurus        Pearlscale B.
                              (or xanthurus)

                              ephippium        Saddleback B.

                              collare          Pakistani B.

                              falcula          Double-Saddled B.
                                               Pigfaced B.

                              frembli          Blue-striped B.

                              kleini           Klein's B.
                                               Sunburst B.

                              larvatus         Red-headed B.

                              lunula           Racoon B.
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Common Fish Names 3/5

by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

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                              melannotus       Black-backed B.

                              meyeri           Meyer's B.

                              octofasciatus    Eight-banded B.

                              ornatissimus     Ornate B.

                              punctofasciatus  Spot-banded B.

                              semilarvatus     Addis B.

                              striatus         Banded B.

                              trifascialis     Chevron B.

                              trifasciatus     Rainbow B.
                                               Redfin B.

                              vagabondus       Vagabond B.
                                               Crisscross B.

                              xanthocephalus   Yellow-head B.
                                               Goldrim B.

               Chelmon        rostratus        Copper-banded B.

               Forcipiger     flavissimus      Long-nosed B.

               Heniochus      acuminatus       Wimplefish
                                               Pennant Coralfish
                                               Poor Man's Moorish

Cirrhitidae    Oxycirrhites   typus            Longnosed Hawkfish

Diodontidae    Chilomycterus  schoepfi         Spiny Boxfish
               diodon         hystrix          Common Porcupine
                                               Porcupine Puffer

                              holacanthus      Long Spined P.

Gobidae        Gobiosoma      oceanops         Neon Goby
               Lynthrypnus    dalli            Blue-banded G.
                                               Catalina G.

               Nemateleotris  splendida        Firefish

Holocentridae  Holocentrus    diadema          Common Squirrelfish
                              rufus            White-tipped

               Myripristis    murdjan          Big-eye

Labridae       Bodianus       pulchellus       Cuban Hogfish
(Wrasses and Rainbows)
                              rufus            Spanish Hogfish

               Coris          angulata         Twin-spotted wrasse

                              formosa          African clown W.

                              gaimardi         Clown W.
                                               Red Labrid

               Gomphosus      coeruleus        Birdmouth W.

               Labroidus      duimidiatus      Cleaner W.

               Novaculichthys taeniurus        Reindeer W.

               Thalassoma     bifasciatum      Bluehead W.

                              lunare           Moon W.
                                               Lyretail W.
                                               Green Parrot W.

Monocanthidae  Oxymonocanthus longirostris     Long-nosed Filefish

Monocentidae   Monocentrus    japonicus        Pine-cone fish

Monodactylidae monodactylus   argenteus        Fingerfish
                                               Malayan Angel
                                               Silver Batfish

Muraenidae     Gymnothorax    tesselatus       Reticulated Moray
(Moray Eels)                                   Leopard M.

               Rhinomuraenia  ambionensis      Blue-ribbon Eel

               Opistognathus  aurifons         Yellowheaded Jawfish
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Common Fish Names 4/5

by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

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Ostraciontidae Loctoria       cornuta          Longhorned Cowfish
               Ostracion      lentignosum      Blue-spotted Boxfish

                              meleagris        White-spotted B.
                                               Pacific B.

                              tuberculatum     Blue-spotted B.

Platacidae     Platax         orbicularis      Batfish
(Batfish)                                      Orbiculate B.
                                               Round B.

                              pinnatus         Red-faced B.

               Plectorhynchus albovittatus     Yellow sweetlips
                                               Yellow-lined S.

                              chaetodonoides   Harlequin S.
                                               Clown S.
                                               Polka Dot Grunt

                              orientalis       Oriental S.

Pomacentridae  Amphiprion     akallapisos      Yellow Skunk Clown
(Clowns and Damsels)
                              bicinctus        Two-banded Anemone
                                               banded clown

                              ephippium        Tomato Clown
                                               Fire C.
                                               Red Saddleback C.

                              frenatus         Tomato C.
                                               Fire C.
                                               Bridled C.

                              nigripes         Black-footed C.

                              ocellaris        Common C.
                                               Percula C.

                              perideraion      Salmon C.
                                               Pink Skunk C.

                              Polymnus         White-saddled C.

               Premnas        biaculeatus      Moroon C.

               Abudefduf      cyaneus          Blue Damsel

                              oxyodon          Blue-velvet D.

                              saxatilis        Seargent Major

               Chromis        caerulea         Green Chromis

                              cyanea           Blue C.

                              xanthurus        Yellow-tailed D.

               Dascyllus      aruanus          Humbug

                              carneus          Cloudy D.

                              marginatus       Marginate D.
                                               Marginate Puller

                              malanurus        Black-tailed Humbug

                              trimaulatus      Domino D.
                                               Three-spot D.

               Eupomacentus   leucostictus     Beau Gregory

                              melanopus        Yellow-backed D.

               Pomacentrus    coeruleus        Blue Devil
                                               Electric Blue Damsel

                              melanochir       Blue-finned D.

                              violascens       Yellow tailed

Pomadasyidae   Anisotremus    virginicus       Porkfish

Scatophagidae  Scatophagus    argus            Scat
                                               Argus Fish

Sciaenidae     Equetus        acuminatus       Cubbyu
                                               High hat
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Common Fish Names 5/5

by jay.hack/ (Jay Hack)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93
Newsgroup: sci.aquaria

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                              lanceolatus      Jack Knife Fish

Scorpaenidae   Dendrochirus   brachypterus     Turkeyfish
(Lions, Scorpionfish etc.)

               Pterois        antennata        Scorpionfish

                              radiata          White-fin Lionfish
                              volitans         Lionfish

Serranidae     Anthias        sqamipinnis      Wreckfish
(Sea basses and Groupers)

               Calloplesiops  altivelis        Marine Betta

               Cephalopholis  miniatus         Coral Trout
                                               Red Grouper

               Chromileptis   altivelis        Panther Grouper
                                               Polka-dot Grouper

               Gramma         loreto           Royal Gramma

               Grammistes     sexlineatus      Golden striped
                                               White/Black Striped
                                                 Sea Bass

                              tuka             Purple Queen
                                               Butterfly Perch

               Pseudochromis  paccagnella      False Gramma
                                               Royal Dottyback

               Symphorichthys spilurus         Majestic Snapper

Siganidae      Lo (Siganus)   vulpinus         Foxface

               Siganus        virgatus         Silver Badgerfish

Synanceiidae   Synanceja      horrida          Stonefish

Syngnathidae   Dunkerocampus  dactyliophorus   Banded Pipefish

               Hippocampus    hudsonius        Florida Seahorse

                              kuda             Yellow Seahorse

Tetraodontidae Arothron       meleagris        Spotted Puffer
                                               Guinea Fowl P.
                                               Golden P.

               Canthigaster   margaritatus     Sharpnosed P.

                              valentini        Black-saddled P.

Theraponidae   Therapon       jarbua           Target Fish
                                               Crescent Bass
                                               Tiger Bass

Zanclidae      Zanclus        canescens        Moorish Idol
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