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  1. (M) worms in reef tank
    by yes/ (daniel.e.wofford) (20 Jul 92)

(M) worms in reef tank

by yes/ (daniel.e.wofford)
Date: 20 Jul 92
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria

 Yesterday I noticed my Elegance was looking a bit stressed and
 after watching closely for a few minutes I noticed a small 1/16th
 inch worm crawling on the side of the coral. I moved some of the algea from 
 the side of the coral and saw 2 more of these little worms. I killed them 
 but fear a more wide spread infestation.
 I suspect they came in on a piece of christmas tree rock I bought a bout
 a month ago.
 Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of this pest? It does not look 
 like a bristle worm. It is brown in color and does have legs. 
 can anyone reccomend a good worm eater? I have room for fish  in
 my 70 gallon tank but need to make sure any new additions are reef safe.
 Thanks in advance,

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