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  1. Elegance Coral, Taxonomy.
    by dbs/ (Dave Sheehy) (19 Mar 1994)

Elegance Coral, Taxonomy.

by dbs/ (Dave Sheehy)
Date: 19 Mar 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

Dave Beverstock ( wrote:

: Can someone tell me the genus and species of Elegance Coral?

Let's see if I can do this from memory without screwing up. It's
Catalaphyllia jardinei. If I misspelled it I'm sure someone will be more than
eager to correct me.

: Is it Heliofungia actiniformis?

It's definitely not a Heliofungia. Heliofungia are the solitary plate corals.
BTW, when I was in Hawaii last January we went snorkeling on the barrier reef
at the mouth of Kaneohe Bay. I got to see a bunch of Fungia or Heliofungia
corals (I forget which genus it was) in their natural state. The books (or
popular opinion) suggests that they live on sandy substrate. In Hawaii, they
don't occupy the substrate. Rather, they occupy insterstitial spaces on the
reef itself.

Dave Sheehy

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