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  1. [M] Denitrifiers, do they work?
    by steve/ (Steve Tyree) (Tue, 13 Jul 1993)
  2. (M)(R)Why do trickle filters increase nitrate?
    by dbs/ (Dave Sheehy) (1 Apr 93)

[M] Denitrifiers, do they work?

by steve/ (Steve Tyree)
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1993
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria,rec.aquaria

 Judging from some mail I received, it appears that my references to
organic nitrogens (incorrectly stated at first) have confused a few
people so here is an extract from an academic reference. Have fun!

 From "Nitrogen in the Marine Environment"
  Dissolved Organic Nitrogen   DON

     Coastal   3-20  ug atom N/liter
     Oceanic   3-7   ug atom N/liter

  In surface oceanic and coastal waters vast majority of dissolved nitrogen
  is organic.
                      Coastal   DOC:DON   8:1   DON:DOP   30:1
                      Oceanic   DOC:DON   13:1

    DOP is dissolved organic phosphorus.
    DON is less variable than DIN.
    DOC is dissolved organic carbon.

  Composed of  Dissolved Free Amino Acids  Coastal  0.04-2.2  ug atom N/L
                         (1%)              Ocean    0.05-0.5
               Dissolved Combined Amino Acids  (Glycine, Ornithine and Serine)
               Creatine    Coastal   0.05-0.2   ug atom N/L
               Urea        Oceanic   0.1-1.0   (higher in coastal)
               DNA           0.1-0.3 ug atom N/L
               Vitamin  B12, Thiamine and Biotin    <0.01
               Dissolved Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate    < 0.01 

  Particulate Organic Nitrogen  PON
     Surface ocean waters   0.1-0.5  ug atom N/L
     Deep Water             < 0.07
     Coastal                0.1-30
     Estuarine              5-100

         Composed of   Protein  > 70% on surface
                       Chlorophyll   deep ocean = 0
                                     coastal = 10-40 ug
                                     open ocean = 0-0.5
                       DNA           open ocean = 0.2-30 ug/l
                       ATP           open and coastal = 0.5-1000 mg/l
            (note - DNA + ATP + Chlorophyll usually compose 1 % of total PON).

 Steve Tyree - Reef Breeder

(M)(R)Why do trickle filters increase nitrate?

by dbs/ (Dave Sheehy)
Date: 1 Apr 93
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

Steve Tyree ( wrote:
: ... I have three limewood airstones 
: creating a huge amount of bubbles for a near 4 foot section of chamber.
: But still have low dissolved oxygen around 6.0 ppm. My reef runs warm 
: though (~80 F) due to perpetual summer mode. Oxygen saturation point
: drops as temperature rises.

According to my references the oxygen saturation level in seawater of S.G.
1.020 (the highest S.G. listed) at 27^C (~80^F) is 6.52 mg/L. Seems to me 
that you're pretty close to saturation right now.

:  Steve Tyree - Reef Breeder

Dave Sheehy

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