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  1. Lionfish Hell!
    by tse/ (Anthony Tse) (Sun, 14 Mar 1993)

Lionfish Hell!

by tse/ (Anthony Tse)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1993
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

In article <> writes:
>In article <> (Corey A. Geving ) writes:
>>Someone I know just had a seriously dangerous encounter with his
>>pets here in Minnesota.  I guess he was cleaning one of his many
>>saltwater tanks and got nailed by the spines of a lionfish he keeps.
>>He ended up in the hospital with convulsions; I think he's still
>>there.  Just thought I'd share that - be careful...'
>>Anyone else heard of that happening before?  I was thinking of
>>getting one...

   I was stung by my elegance coral many times, twice the enzyme (or
whatever) broke through my skin and it was major league painful.
My hand was badly swollen and the spot where I was stung was this
hole that ich for a long time and took ~2 months to heal.  I've heard
far worst story of coral stings.  99% of the time, nothing happens, but
when it does, it's a bitch.


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