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  1. green hair algae
    by palmer/ (Paul (Cliffy) Palmer) (Sat, 3 Apr 1993)

green hair algae

by palmer/ (Paul (Cliffy) Palmer)
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1993
Newsgroup: alt.aquaria

My Chevron Tang (do not know the scientific name) is a voracious hair
algae consumer, however he only really cares for it when it is young
and tender.  The Tang probably would not help bring a hair algae
problem under control, but he has seemed to be effective at keeping it
from getting out of control in the first place.

I had a Yellow Tang who would consume macro algae, but was not very
interested in hair algae (although I have heard of other Yellow Tangs
who did).

My Tang also seems to leave fairly concentrated green fecal pellets on
the tank bottom.  I remove these every few days to keep residual
nitrate and phosphate from getting back into the system.  This may not
be necessary, but I despise hair algae so it makes me feel better :-)

In a nutshell, I recommend a Yellow or Chevron Tang which are both
vegetarians.  Other surgeonfish may also serve the purpose (I believe
they are most if not all vegetarians).  The tangs also seem to be easy
to maintain.  Mine will readily accept any food that their tankmates
will eat.

Paul (Cliffy) Palmer
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