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  1. (M) wrasse death, clown behavior (was ...))
    by bob/ (Bob Posert) (4 Mar 92)
    by bob.denton%acc1bbs/ (Bob Denton) (11 Oct 93)

(M) wrasse death, clown behavior (was ...))

by bob/ (Bob Posert)
Date: 4 Mar 92
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

>In article <> (Gordon Dewis) writes:
>Wrasses usually sleep buried under the substrate (if there is one).  This
>is how they protect themselves, since they are such deep sleepers.  The
>presence of crabs (like your arrow crab) could loom dangerous to wrasses
>if they do not have adequate sleeping protection.....This is why I am
>opposed to tanks with no bottom substrate when wrasses are present.

Yeah, I was worried what my Wrasse was going to do when I took the
substrate (Hawaiian "Puka" gravel) out of my reef tank.  Now he buries
himself in the Caulerpa forest growing on the rocks at the top of the
tank - he doesn't seem to be too bad off.  Of course, I don't have
any crabs like the original poster did.

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by bob.denton%acc1bbs/ (Bob Denton)
Date: 11 Oct 93
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria

(Whoops... just realized you can't upload a prepared message with two
consecutive carriage-return/line-feeds...)


I attended a lecture and slide presentation on Wrasses yesterday
afternoon.  It was given by SeaScope author Scott Michaels at a
General Meeting of the Windows to the Sea MAS.  Scott is also a diver
and a great underwater & aquarium photographer.  He recently became
the owner of a pet shop in Lincoln Nebraska.

A Scott line is "If there's an invertebrate out there, then there's a
Wrasse out there to eat it."

Which leads into the Rent-A-Bird-Wrasse idea.  The Gomphosus varius,
interestingly enough, will eat both bristle worms AND mantis shrimp.
When you get your load of live rock for your mini-reef the first
thing you should add is a Bird Wrasse.  After a few weeks you can
remove it and proceed with setting up your reef tank.  The wrasse
must come out as it has no place in a mini-reef - it also likes to
munch on Tridacna Clams.  So be sure to work out a deal with your
retailer for returning it before you buy it.

Scott plans to try the rental idea in his shop.  He may also do a
Rent-A-Racoon-Butterfly for reef hobbyists afflicted with Aiptasia.

Note that there is a minor down-side to the Bird Wrasse idea - it will
probably also eat any small tube worms that might be on the rock.  So
it goes...

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