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Cheese Tank


  1. Tank Decor
    by (THOMAS EDWIN SCHMIDLIN) (14 Oct 92)
  2. clever ideas for tank decoration - Yo, Sexton...
    by (Celeste Fowler) (12 Jan 1995)
  3. clever ideas for tank decoration - Yo, Sexton...
    by (George Booth) (13 Jan 1995)

Tank Decor

Date: 14 Oct 92

In article <>, (
Judith Ann Reed) writes:
>In article <> (Oleg Kiselev) wr
>>You must have never seen a killifish in full spawning garb.  Or a school of
>>breeder-size and breeder-quality tiger barbs.  Or a pair of cichlids
>>guarding their nest. And so on.  Many reef fish are indeed quite beautiful,
>>but don't knock fresh water fish.  There is plenty of gems among them once
>>you learn to see past the plastic plants, bubbling treasure chests, painted
>>glass fish,  veil-tail oscars, pearscale angels, albino tiger barbs, and
>>other fluff.
>I feel like a pariah, an tropical fish hobbyist alien, but I'm going to
>say this anyway. There are actually some of us out here who yearn for
>bobbing skeletons, diving dogs, rocking pirate ships, walls of bubbles!
>(shock, horror!!!!!!) My fondest dream is to someday have a large tank, with
>brilliantly colored gravel, lots of bubbling moving toys, and some gaudy,
>graceful goldfish to highlight it all. Maybe some flourescent plants too.
>I once had an office tank filled with the flourescent plants, 29 gallon,
>royal blue gravel, with neons, and various other community fish, and
>everyone loved it - it was bright and fun to watch. I will bow to aquatic
>"political correctness" enough to contend that I don't buy painted glassfish,
>but that is about the only constraint I'll admit to. I'm getting ready to
>convert my 29 gal back into this kind of tank, and get 2 or 3 fancy goldfish.
>Am I really the only
>one, or are there other secret decoration lovers out there? Stand up and
>be counted!!! Why do you think they make all that stuff, anyway? It's because
>they know we'll love it!!!! Reply, here or offline if you are too embarrassed,
>and tell us about your dream tank!!!!!
>Judith Reed, aquarist from Alpha Centauri!!!

I have two tanks in my room, a 55l and a 29h.  The 55l I keep filled with
aggregate gravel, real looking plants, and some driftwood and larger rocks.

The smaller tank, however, is my designated "cheese" tank.  It has a mix of
red and green gravel for that christmassy look, a bright orange plant, a
multicolored blue and white plant, a mermaid figurine, and a cheesy little
dinosaur (triceratops) painted a mix of flourescent green and yellow.  I love
it.  I but something cheesy for it every time I have a little extra cash.
(You'll notice from its contents that isn't very often.)

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clever ideas for tank decoration - Yo, Sexton...

by (Celeste Fowler)
Date: 12 Jan 1995
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria,sci.aquaria

I put Lego in mine.  Lego are these little building bricks made for kids.
They're made out of ABS plastic, which I think is pretty inert.  I made
a little destroyed town for my fish (Legoland after heavy flooding and
mass destruction theme).  They have two semi-demolished buildings and a
graveyard, complete with a little plastic ghost.  Have to warn you tho --
I just set my tank up and got 5 black neons.  Three promptly died, but
did show some improvement (prior to dying, that is) after I took them 
out of the tank and gave them some new water.  Although it's probably
something else, toxic stuff leaching from the lego has not been ruled out.
BTW the remaining two are back in the tank with the lego and seem to 
be doing fine (I did a full water change before putting them back in).

clever ideas for tank decoration - Yo, Sexton...

by (George Booth)
Date: 13 Jan 1995
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria

Kaufman ( wrote:

> Sexton had friends with a 150 gallon tank decorated with Barbie doll
> body parts. Perhaps he'll comment...

One of our bigger tanks has a reconstructed cat skeleton.  The fish 
love to swim in and around the rib cage.  Sweet revenge for all the 
terrorizing the cat did in its ninth life. 

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