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Diseases (For Humans)


  1. Allright let's hear it! (fwd)
    by Kathy Olson <kathy/> (Sun, 12 Mar 2000)

Allright let's hear it! (fwd)

by Kathy Olson <kathy/>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000
To: erik/

The disease stuff I sent vinny

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1.  T. cruzi--caused by the bite of the reduviid bug, usually from
sleeping in huts/structures and feeds at night, causes chagas disease.
The bug can be cured in acute stage, not in the chronic form.  Invades
heart muscle, and can cause heart arrythmia's, myositis, in the intestine
toxic megacolon and esophageal problems.  Hard to diagnose, can require
zoological have a unifected bug bite someone and then see
if the bug gets infected then you know the person was.

2. Schistosomiasis-in the water (white water) any place with snails around
is at risk.  Highest risk is Africa...Lake Malawi (and moderate risk Lake
Tang.), but present now in So. America.  Also called swimmers itch.  End
up with cercariae (the water form) invade through the skin, get a
bite/rash at the site of entry, they mature to
flukes in the blood vessels and then lay eggs which penetrate through the
blood vessel into the gut or the urinary bladder (where they exit the
body...the bladder one S. haematobium isn't in south america).  The eggs
can get caught in the liver circulation and with time lead to cirrhosis of
the liver.  Can be treated if found early, cirrhosis of the liver is

3.  Leishmaniasis (Kala Azar)-sand fly bites....lead to enlarged spleen,
low platlets, low RBC/anemia, fever and lethargy.  Untreated severe
disease fatal....with treatment 5% mortality.

4.  Filariasis (Wuchereria bancroftii) transmitted by mosquito bites, a
parasitic worm infection, blocks lymphatic ducts...causes edema, in worst
stages called elephantiasis...not treatable/curable.

5.  Onchocerciasis aka River blindness:  Caused by Onchocerca
volvulus...transmitted by a bite of the female blackfly.  Get itchy bumps
at the site of tthe bite and develop lumps under the skin....lasts
awhile....the microfilariae migrate
through tissue and concentrate in the eyes, cause lesions that lead to
blindness (in endemic areas infection rates 80%, usually in areas along
rivers) Treatment is available but only effective against the blood phase.

5.  There is some amebic thing that my friend saw when she went and
practiced medicine in Peru for two usually infects kids,
causes localized facial swelling, they know it is in the water and
transmitted that way, but not all the details yet.  No adults were
reported with it....untreatable and universally over

6.  Other less worrisome stuff/treatable/avoidable/  
Dengue (fever, arthlagias, vomiting rash...rare cases 
hemorrhagic, shock, etc), Malaria, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A (get the
vaccine if you haven't already, B is a good idea too),  MMR (get updated
if you  haven't had another shot since High school), cholera, plaque,
rabies (we saw a bat with this, caves with bat dung, and avoid
bats who are out in the day light...with a large radius), Relapsing fever,
Oropouch Virus Disease, Brucella (from Cheese, milk etc), Trichinosis from
pork, Salmonella (eggs)

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On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, V Kutty wrote:

> Kathy,
> I want to hear gory details about the parasites...
> Vinny

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