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Fish Checkups


  1. I'm not making this up
    by (George Booth) (22 Aug 1994)

I'm not making this up

by (George Booth)
Date: 22 Aug 1994
Newsgroup: rec.aquaria,alt.aquaria

I found this in the newspaper, so it must be true. 

From the "Wild Things" column by Mike Capuzzo in the Rocky Mountain

"Today's pet peeve is: the shocking apathy of Americans when it
"Fewer than 10 fish owners in 1,000 (a truly alarming 0.29%) bother
to take their fish to the veterinarian for its annual checkup,
according to a survery by the American Veterinary Medical Association
in suburban Chicago.  This is due to a number of complex reasons that
can be summarized as, "They're only fish."

"In fact, reports the AVMA, fish should be brought in annually for a
routine checkup including "a discussion of fish behavior with the
owner; water quality analysis; and a physical examination of the fish,
including biopsies of fins and gills for microscopic examination."
Checkups are not harmful to fish and can be "extremely valuable" in
diagnosing common problems for which your veterinarian has medicines
such as deworming agents and fish antibiotics."

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